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Polyphenols and Cancer: Recent Research

 Three articles on cancer and the use of polyphenols caught my attention this weekend.

The same kinds of polyphenols were discussed and for a variety of cancers in different phases, one from 2016 and two more recent one from 2020 and 2021. 

All three articles focus on curcumin, quercetin, resveratrol, cruciferous, and green tea.

Of course there are many other polyphenols that are excellent agents for health, after all, they belong to a huge family of more than 8000 different polyphenols.  

Niedzwiecki et al. summarizes a few polyphenols in cancer therapy:

And polyphenols aren’t just cancer fighters on their own; they’re also team       players. Researchers have found that polyphenol combinations are more powerful than the effects of each one individually. For example, a mixture containing quercetin, curcumin, green tea, Cruciferex (a proprietary blend of polyphenols found in cruciferous vegetables), and resveratrol significantly inhibited the growth of a particular cancer of the head and neck. (2016)

Cháirez-Ramírez et al. in a more recent article describe the different groups of polyphenols and how they go after cancer cells and tumors, the mechanism of P53 tumor suppression (2021). A worthy Article filled with relevant knowledge. 


To celebrate polyphenols and their ability to protect and support our body I thought to focus on the High ORAC, with berries and probiotics, quercetin, resveratrol, and a very broad spectrum, powerful ORAC.   1-2 capsules a day. 

High ORAC 


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  • Niedzwiecki, A., Roomi, M. W., Kalinovsky, T., & Rath, M. (2016). Anticancer efficacy of polyphenols and their combinations. Nutrients8(9), 552. Article
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