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Eco Farm

What does it mean to farm ecologically?

We find potent and pure ingredients for the Therapeutic Foods Supplements by partnering with many ecologically minded agricultural farmers and harvesters of the wild. Our eco-farming methods include:

  • Organic farming,
  • Permaculture,
  • Biodynamic farming,
  • Aquaculture,
  • Eco-Agriculture,
  • Wild Harvesting (Wildcrafting),
  • Indigenous - Cultural Farming Systems

Ecological Farming practices, including wildcrafting, provide the richest, healthiest, organic (without pesticides and herbicides) soil that makes possible the growth of the most potent, complete, high active plants. These farming and gathering methods utilize Nature in its full glory. Therapeutic Food Supplements bring back the power of eco-farmed foods.

The power and intelligence of plant-based foods: The Hormetic Mechanism

Our Therapeutic Food Supplements range provides an innovative new eco-farmed and wildcrafted plant-based food supplements, built with advanced yet gentle technologies that maintain the wholeness of foods while utilizing the exact science of molecular concentration for therapeutic purposes. Studies show how hormesis affects our health: small dosages of phytochemicals (nutrients of plants) activate hormetic pathways that initiate ‘stressful’ beneficial responses. Plants have a natural protective mechanism against debilitating severe stresses, such as fungi, viruses, and hazardous environmental conditions. Plants develop potent phytochemicals to protect themselves; these phytochemicals in small amounts also confer many health benefits to human beings. In fact, vegetables and fruits are shown in research to have this low dose stimulatory hormetic effect and hence behave as health-building agents in the body.

The Therapeutic Foods Supplements are uniquely formulated according to the latest research findings in food-science. These intelligent phyto-nutrients provide much needed nourishment for today's challenging world environment.


BioImmersion employs advanced technology to capture fresh, raw, organic, high active fruits and vegetables, berries, seeds, and grain from anywhere in the world, at the height of their desired phytonutrient production. This creates pure, concentrated whole foods and extracts in capsule and powder forms.

We call it forward thinking because we must employ advanced yet gentle manufacturing techniques.

To create a power-packed food supplements require effective communication channels, built up through long-term collaborations - and friendships - with manufacturing experts, health professionals, scientists, and farmers. Growing, harvesting, drying, formulating, and packaging our plant-based concentrates and extracts into vegetarian capsules or tasty powders without the use of unwanted excipients, while maintaining the highest possible phyto-nutrient potency, requires the use of distinctive forward-thinking, advanced technologies, and cooperation. Some of these include:

  • Real Time Sourcing
  • Flash freezing on site
  • Proprietary pure water extraction
  • Advanced sublimation technology (freeze drying)
  • HPLC analysis
  • Encapsulation in facilities that are GMP and HACCP compliant, Kosher and QAI certified and audited AIB International annually.

Our forward thinking approach is possible due to collaboration between many professionals, some are in charge of eco-farming, others help us to understand the latest scientific discovery, while our trusted and genius manufacturing partners bring it all together. Everyone plays a key role in the unique formulation and encapsulation of our products, generating exciting new paradigms that we're proud to be a part of!


The microbiome is the full collection of microbes (bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses) that naturally exist within the human body. 

National Institute of Health

Collaborative partnerships with major growers of probiotic microorganisms are essential to produce a well-researched, superior, probiotic product line. At BioImmersion we cherish our relationships with all the major commercial growers of bacteria, as well as relationships with the worlds leading microbial repositories.

The ATCC repository in Virginia, for example, is the world’s largest bacterial repository. Their bacteriology collection is the most diversified assemblage of prokaryotes in the world, containing nearly 18,000 strains in more than 750 genera. Every prokaryotic physiological group is represented. They are the "Gold Standard" for microbial classification, identification, and preservation.

BioImmersion is licensed to receive certified pedigreed strains of bacterial mother cultures from ATCC. We utilize in our formulations globally recognized and scientifically authenticated probiotic organisms.

BioImmersion utilizes advanced microbiome technology to secure highly researched and authenticated pedigreed strains of lactic acid bacteria with 40 years of proven effectiveness and ATCC confirmed molecular identity.

A proprietary growing method enables the bacteria to be especially hardy and therefore able to pass through the acid and bile barriers of the stomach and duodenum, reaching their respective sites intact and vital. Sublimation technology properly applied freeze-dries bacterial cells, maintaining their strength and viability while in stasis.


BioImmersion Therapeutic Food Supplements have unique worldwide patents for manufacturing processes and natural plant-based molecular structures.


The patented molecules of Fructo-Borate and Chromium with Beet are advanced nutriceutical formulation of organic foods, unique organic molecules that mimic nature, and technologically advanced manufacturing processes that gently integrate high actives with vitamins and minerals.

The beauty of this patented technology is the ability to create vitamins and minerals that are incredibly easy to absorb by integrating them with specific phyto-nutrients to mimic the way they are present in whole foods. Our body recognizes and easily routes these nutrients to the desired receptor sites.

We also have patented Beta-Glucan that is easily absorbed and utilized by our body. The molecule of hydrocolloidal oat beta-glucan is the result of a patented heat shearing technology that cracks the endosperm of the oat bran, liberating its soluble beta-glucan fibers. This exceptional silky powder is easy to digest and is 99.98% gluten free. This heat shearing technology and milling process is also used with our famous Staff of Life to release the nutrients of Amaranth, Buckwheat, Chia, Quinoa, and Millet (100% gluten free).

No 7 Systemic Booster utilizes the exact process of drying powerful plants (gluten free). The all-natural drying process concentrates the nutrients of veggies, fruits, berries, and greens into a rich nutritional mix.

As science and technology advance, we are able to concentrate foods to create extremely potent therapeutic food supplements to help the body heal and thrive.

And as is the routine practice at BioImmersion: our manufacturing facilities are GMP compliant, HACCP compliant, Kosher certified, QAI Certified, Audited AIB internationally annually.

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