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The Birth of Mature Peace Research Institute

I am so excited and happy to announce the birth of Mature Peace, a research institute dedicated to world peace. 

BioImmersion is idealistic and practical, principled and loving. We believe that knowledge is important, that high standards and exactness produce effective and potent supplements, and that understanding the world we live in must be enacted through the lens of knowledge and love. 

Seann's focus was on the environment and all the issues surrounding maintaining good farmlands, growing good foods, and using our resources wisely. He was the first  in our industry that insisted on not having 'paper products' like brochures, catalogs, marketing materials - everything was on the website.

And you accepted it and embraced it with such wisdom and love. Seann knew that in our society you are several steps ahead with your deep understanding of what needs to happen medically. 

My own focus on peace has been my passion for decades. Peace, or lack thereof, brings on such lively and at times intense conversations. One of Seann's favorite things was to accompany me to my academic conventions, and at times, listen to me give a talk about Immanuel Kant, peace, war, and what makes for a real democracy. 

Mature Peace was a term I arrived to through my PhD journey. It is at the center of my research. Mature Peace embodies a theory that argues for particular normative and Kantian principles, building blocks that create global peace. And as with all theories, it has to be tested, and that is what the research institute will begin with -  test the theory I have built. 

So yes, I am very excited! 

One of the things that has always sustained BioImmersion is its belief and involvement in creating wholeness - that means health, peace - internally (within ourselves) and externally (in the collective) - and joy, because without joy, life is not as shiny and magical, and we do need some magic and shine to light our way. 

I'll continue to inform you about Mature Peace Institute, and as always, I am dedicated to you, and your patients. As always. 

In the past few months, I have added at the bottom of our News a little section on peace research with a few discussions and elements of my theory. 

With love,



  • Bardell, D. (2017). A kantian normative model for peace (Doctoral dissertation, Fielding Graduate University).


We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

My Research: Peace

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And here I would like to thank my amazing friends and colleagues, who supported me so beautifully through this birthing process! I am blessed with people around me that I love - and cherish, that make my world magical. 

And a special wow, to Niloufar Parks, a very special attorney, who actually helped me register Mature Peace, step by step, with the government (what a journey), and shouted with joy with me when it was done! 

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