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Fructo Borate and Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin? Let's define that as a healthy and strong skin, accompanied with that glow we attribute to feeling a sense of joy about life and what we do. 

Because how we feel about life and ourelves affects our health and the glow that comes with health. 

Fructo Borate is a boron that is based on the molecule of boron found in whole foods. It is exceptionally bio-available and is able to cross the gastrointestinal barrier into the systemic circulation. 

Why is this important?

In recent research this special boron has shown in research to serve as an intense anti-aging, and reverse inflammation and metabolic alteration to prevent skin cancer (Kisacam et al., 2021; 2020). 

Quite impressive for this master mineral we call boron. 

The sun and UV radiation is involved in skin aging (photoaging). There are complex processes of skin changes that happen, with free oxygen radicals, DNA damage, cellular damage, inflammation and more. 

Gul et al. (2022) conducted a recent experiment with Wistar albino rats that were exposed to UVB to induce photoaging, however, the results show that the groups that were given boron were able to withstand the exposure and photoaging. Boron lowered certain markers that are responsible for inflammation and skin aging. 

Boron is not the most bio-available mineral but as a fructo borate molecule it does amazing work. Both research articles utilized this molecule since it is able to get absorbed systemically in the body. 

Fructo Borate 


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