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Autism Disorder and Mitochondria: Novel Therapeutic Interventions

There are always more questions than answers when it comes to the research of Autism Spectrum Disorders. But it is progressing, albeit slowly.

We focused last week on the dysbiosis of the gut - the brain / gut axis and its correlation to ASD. This week I'd like to take a look at the second endogenous factor - mitochondrial dysfunction. 

Scientists are examining the mitochondria's functionality and metabolic role in cells. Mitochondrial dysfunction is now linked to autism (Nabi et al., 2023).

This is an area of research that needs more studies but enough evidence has surfaced to link oxidative damage as a trigger point to initiate mitochondrial damage. 

Recall that mitochondria are the organized cells (organelles) responsible for energy production within the cell. It is as Nabi et al. says "the powerhouse of cells" predominantly found in skeletal and cardiac muscles, contributing more than 90% of ATP that is required for cell metabolism (2023; Duchen, 2004).

 Interestingly, mitochondria act as nutritional sensors, and their purpose is to modify  metabolism. You can imagine the amount of energy our brain, heart, liver, and kidney require- these higher metabolic rate organs require optimal mitochondrial function. Producing ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is vital for all neural activity. 

Mitochondria is involved in tissue regeneration, apoptosis, and immune response.

Going further into the study of mitochondria function and dysfunction - we find that inflammation and oxidative stress play huge roles in the ignition and progression of ASD. And there is so much more to learn, and indeed, Nabi et al. does an excellent job of outlining and reviewing the most important research on ASD and possible solutions and intervention. 

We discussed a broad spectrum probiotic such as the Original or Supernatant.

Today I am focused on the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammation, as well as energy production with a fantastic protocol: Phyto Power for neuro regeneration, giving energy and deeply nourishing the brain - heart - liver (the high metabolic rate organs). Energy for producing ATP - the exact molecule that is necessary for increasing energy production in the body. 

Enjoy the Article - it is detailed, filled with references and new knowledge, and encouraging. 


Phyto Power

Read the research below and the research on each of these products. Keep it simple, and add the products by opening up the capsule and using a 1/4 to test it out in the child's drink or food. 


  • Nabi, S. U., Rehman, M. U., Arafah, A., Taifa, S., Khan, I. S., Khan, A., ... & Ahmad, S. F. (2023). Treatment of Autism Spectrum disorders by mitochondrial-targeted drug: Future of neurological diseases therapeutics. Current Neuropharmacology21(5), 1042. Article
  • Duchen, M. R. (2004). Mitochondria in health and disease: perspectives on a new mitochondrial biology. Molecular aspects of medicine25(4), 365-451. Article


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