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Brown Seaweed: Brain Health, Weight Loss, Glowing Skin

I know that reading research articles can be dry and possibly even boring.

But when study after study, from year to year, show brown seaweed lowering glycemic index which then shows improved cardiovascular health, blood sugar control, weight control, better brain health, and even skin health - I do listen.

For this reason, I thought to remind us all that a mere 250 mg of brown seaweed extracts of kelp and bladderwrack - taken 15-20 minutes before heavy carb meals - actually shift high glycemic index food to one typical of a low glycemic index food ( Lu et al., 2022).

That is happy, exciting news.

Weight Less


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  • Lu, L. W., & Chen, J. H. (2022). Seaweeds as ingredients to lower glycemic potency of cereal foods synergistically—A perspective. Foods, 11(5), 714. Article


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