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What’s Missing in Your Practice?

Food Harvest

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What is one of the most profound actions you can do for the health of your own body, the health of your patients, your community, and ultimately the health of our world? What is the most basic, fundamental aspect of life, beyond breathing, that if we medically get it right, will set off a chain reaction resulting in health throughout the planet? This one element is the missing ingredient in the practice of medicine today.

Let us face it. Life is one big food chain. The elements of the earth, the sun and water feed plants, plants feed animals, animals feed animals (and humans), and when plants and animals die they become foods for the decomposer s- worms, insects, bacteria, fungus, who create our rich soil for plant seeds to sprout in and once again become food for the earth. Round and round we go.

We are intimately involved in the food chain, and as omnivores we can consume both plants and animals. It is manifestly obvious to all of us involved in integrative health that healthy foods are central and fundamental to achieving a healthy body. We know that the foods we eat can be the deal breaker as to whether we achieve the health we want for our bodies. Food as medicine is really a non-negotiable concept.

Creating a worldwide food system—eco-farmed in rich soils without herbicide and pesticides, properly harvested and transported—enhances the nutrient density in foods. We must have nutrients dense foods to bring about the health we desire.

In 2004, Dohrea and I set about to create BioImmersion Inc. and the Therapeutic Food Supplement line. Several things were very clear to us. In our world today the level of assault on our bodies from pollution, pathogens, stress, and bad dietary practices is so high that we need powerful medicinal foods. Our bodies after all know exactly what and how to utilize food for therapeutic purposes.

Our Therapeutic Foods is a supplement line that is build with eco-farmed foods that are whole and potent. We also utilized ecologically smart technology to extract complete concentrations of classes of phyto-nutrients from foods. The results are foods that behave medicinally in the body. And as we have known for 2500 years, food is able to repair, heal, protect, and prevent dis-ease (Hippocrates, 400 BC).

What is missing in your practice? We would say that it is a therapeutic food line that is potent, whole, and concentrated. Create a powerful base for your health routines and protocols with Therapeutic Foods.
Clinical Notes

Have you read our medical director’s essay on the Fructo Borate Complex?  Dr. George Kessler is an osteopath in New York City and not only one of the best integrative doctors in the city, but in the country as well. See his bio here. George was one of the first practitioners to immediately recognize our Fructo Borates uniqueness and potential as a therapeutic food supplement. And, he has written textbooks on the subject. This product has certain proven its value for Dr. Kessler with his patients, for almost a decade now. Fructo Borate is a very special product and is multifaceted in its uses. In case you missed it before I am linking you here to Dr. Kessler’s essay on Fructo Borate. Enjoy.

Green Facts

Ecosystems collapsing, habitats vanishing, species going into extinction at a rate we have not seen for millions of year. In fact, according to geological records not since 65 million years ago before the 5th Mass Extinction occurred and the time of the dinosaurs dramatically came to an end. Many biologists believe we are rapidly moving toward the 6th Mass Extinction, possibly in as soon as 100 years. We believe we still can reverse this process and turn the world into a direction of light, life and abundance. But it will take us all literally to “get into the streets?”

There are so many wonderful organizations moving us in that direction and one of the great ones is the Bioneers. Check out this inspiring 6 minute keynote speech by 14 year old Xiuhtezcatl Martinez presented at the Bioneer’s Youth Leadership Conference.

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