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Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

Ok, it is almost Halloween and the creatures are getting increasing goolish, unless of course, you are their mother or father or a zoologist. But, if you can name this creature, I will send you a prize of our new Organic Chlorella. And, if you have already won and received the free Chlorella, then pick a different member of the Therapeutic Foods Platform that I am highlighting in this email. Good Luck! What is the specific Genus and species of this creature?

We are activists for good, healthy food. Our purpose with the Therapeutic Foods is to teach the power of food so we can all remember and activate the tradition of food in medicine.

Bioimmersion Inc. is a global company working in collaboration and partnership with many scientists, manufacturing experts and farmers from all over the world. For the past 30 years we have been a part of the global call and dialogue for change and have worked hard towards the betterment of our earth, our resources and fellow human beings.

Here is what Dohrea said in our World Today segment:

We know very intimately the hard and often overwhelming work physicians deal with everyday. Healing and preventing disease has become an enormously tough job to perform and it is getting worse. The reality of our world today is alarming and it will take global heroic efforts to bring about change.

Now I don’t want to get us all depressed here, because as the forces of bleakness increase all around us, so too do the forces of correct thinking and action that can right our world. And, that is what our Publishing Blog and the Forward Thinking weekly newsletter are dedicated to—bringing into view the rising movement all around the world that is on the side of social equity, environmental quality and economic sustainability.

I think we are all of one accord when I say that the dietary habits of the world today are a major causative factor in the pandemic of chronic diseases that are plaguing human kind. Governments worldwide recognize this fact as they have adopted the 5-A-Day slogan—to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. The USDA has upped the ante to the 5 to 9 a Day program.

Amazing, isn’t it. But, the fact of life is that the bio-accumulation of xenobiotics (drugs, metals, industrial chemicals and pollutants) along with increasingly virulent and resistant pathogens have overwhelmed our immune systems. We need real food, whole food, clean food—organic fruits and vegetables every day, hormone and antibiotic free meat and dairy, fermented foods and wholesome organic grains, nuts and seeds.

We all know this, of course, but it is hard to break the bad habits we all have gotten in to; let alone getting your patients to change to diets. However, the fact remains the same—nothing turns on the body’s pathways for defense, repair and healthy cell turn-over like whole organic foods properly grown and prepared. We need help to get this accomplished and this is the reason we developed the Therapeutic Foods Line.

Technology properly used is an important key.

The Therapeutic Foods Line is a new medical framework, built with advanced technologies that maintain the wholeness of foods while utilizing the exact science of molecular concentration for therapeutic purposes. The result is food that behaves medicinally in the body.

Because of technology, we are able to be 90% paperless in our offices, marketing practices, manufacturing and distribution…. We conserve resources as well as practice a utilitarian life and work style while using technology to create, evolve and grow. (Dohrea Bardell, BioImmersion President)

Green Technology

Green Technology enables us to capture fresh, raw, organic high active fruits and vegetables from anywhere in the world at the height of their desired phytonutrient production. It requires good communication channels with trustworthy individuals employing high technology. Bring plants, vegetables, berries and berry extracts into a vegetarian capsule without the use of any excipients, while maintaining 100% phyto-nutrient potency, requires the use of distinctive advanced technologies—from Real Time Sourcing to flash freezing on site; from proprietary pure water extraction to sublimation technology (freeze-drying); from HPLC analysis to encapsulation in facilities that are GMP and HACCP compliant, Kosher and QAI certified and audited by AIB International annually. The Green Technology practiced at BioImmersion to create the Therapeutic Foods Line is indeed exciting!

Microbiome Technology

The microbiome is the full collection of microbes (bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses) that naturally exist within the human body. (National Institute of Health definition)

Partnership with the major growers of bacteria and other organisms is essential to move forward. At BioImmersion we cherish our relationships with all the major commercial growers of bacteria, as well as relationships with the world’s leading bacterial repository. The ATCC repository in Virginia is the world’s largest bacterial repository. Their bacteriology collection is the most diversified assemblage of prokaryotes in the world, containing nearly 18,000 strains in more than 750 genera. Every prokaryotic physiological group is represented. They are the Gold Standard for microbial classification, identification and preservation. We are licensed to receive certified pedigreed strains of bacterial mother cultures from ATCC and are bringing forth globally recognize and scientifically authenticated probiotic organisms.

BioImmersion utilizes microbiome technology to secure highly researched and authenticated pedigreed strains of lactic acid bacteria with 40 years of proven effectiveness and ATCC confirmed molecular identity. A proprietary growing method enables the bacteria to be especially hardy and therefore able to pass through the acid and bile barriers of the stomach and duodenum, reaching their respective sites intact and vital. Sublimation technology properly applied freeze-dries bacterial cells, maintaining their strength and viability while in stasis. And of course, manufacturing facilities are GMP compliant, HACCP compliant, Kosher certified, QAI Certified, Audited by AIB internationally annually.

Patented Technology

Bioimmersion Therapeutic Foods products have unique worldwide patents for manufacturing processes and molecular structure. The patented molecules of the Fructo-Borate Complex and the nucleoside/nucleotide ligand bound tri-valent chromium of the Chromium, Bio-organic with Beet are the result of the discipline of organic chemistry combined with technological advances in manufacturing practices. The beauty of patented technology is the ability to create food substances that have exact molecular structure for the body to receive and easily route to the desired receptor site. Molecules such as the hydrocolloidal oat beta-glucan, in our Beta Glucan Synbiotic Formula, is the result of a patented heat shearing technology that cracks the endosperm of the oat bran, liberating its soluble beta-glucan fibers. The patented process of barley sprouts extraction starts with a rigidly monitored malting process. The all-natural patented process removes some of the insoluble fiber and further concentrates the small molecular weight nucleotides and nucleosides. These are plant cytokinins with the ability to reduce excess blood glucose levels and help overcome insulin resistance (see the No. 7 Systemic Booster). As science and technology move ahead we are able to create natural, healthy yet extremely potent therapeutic foods that help the body overcome and thrive.

Thus far we have created 15 Therapeutic Foods Products. They are foods and can be creatively used in many combinations. Because we are advocating the use of foods as medicine, we have developed a variety of protocols. Over the coming weeks in Clinical Notes we will devote each week to a specific protocol. This week’s protocol we call: Basic Protection. We will also accompany each week’s written protocol with a flash, one-minute, video presentation relative to the protocol. The video part will start next week. See you then!!!

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

The Power and Elegance of the Therapeutic Foods Platform.

Protocol Number One: basic protection

  • Wild Blueberry Daily- one capsule daily.
  • Organic Chlorella- four tablets daily.
  • Cruciferous Sprout Complex- four capsules daily or every other day.
  • Number Seven Systemic Booster- one teaspoon daily.

The ingredients:

Wild Blueberry Daily

  • 150mg blueberry extract and 350 mg whole blueberry (freeze-dried).
  • Vegetarian capsule (cellulose and water).

Organic Chlorella

  • 500mg tablet of cracked cell wall Chlorella vulgaris and regularis.
  • No binders, fillers, flowing agents, excipients in any of our products.

Cruciferous Sprouts Complex

  • Broccoli, daikon radish, red radish, watercress, kale, mustard and cabbage sprouts.

Number Seven Systemic Booster

  • Traditional Bulgarian Strains of L. casei, L. acidophilus, L. helveticus, B. longum, and B. infantis– 10.5 billion per tsp.
  • Supernatant- inactive cells of L. bulgaricus, S. thermophilus and metabolites.
  • Organic tart cherry (whole), pineapple (whole), cranberry (whole and extract) and pomegranate (whole and extract). All freeze-dried.
  • Organic fiber- inulin derived from organic chicory root fibers- 4 gm per tsp.
  • Nucleotides from barley sprouts for healthy blood glucose levels
  • Calcium Fructo-Borate for bone health, joint health, hormone health.
  • L- Carnitine and L- Carnosine as cell rejuvenators.
  • Vitamin D3- 1000 IUs per tsp.
  • Folate- 400mcg per tsp.


As you can see there are quite a lot of nutrients in this protocol to discuss, and it’s a very important discussion as it is foundational to our understanding of foods as medicine. Therefore, we will devote next weeks Forward Thinking entirely to this powerful protocol. We will look at the biological pathway involved, how these foods interact with our genes, what the top food scientists have to say regarding these ingredients and much more.

The Last Quiz Answer: This strange little creature is a baby Brazilian tapir. Nearly always found near water, the Brazilian tapir is a good swimmer and diver but also moves fast on land, even over rugged, mountainous country. It is dark brown in color and has a low, erect mane running from the crown down the back of the neck. Using its mobile snout, this tapir feeds on leaves, buds, shoots, and small branches that it tears from trees, fruit, grasses and aquatic plants. The female gives birth to a single spotted and striped young after a gestation of 390 to 400 days. Its range is Colombia, Venezuela, south to Brazil and Paraguay. Its conservation status is vulnerable.

Slow Food is a beautiful movement. There will be gathering in Italy of over 5000 people united to promote sustainable local food production in harmony with the environment while respecting knowledge handed down over the generations. Over 500 delegates from the US are attending. Click here, Slow Food, to check them out further.

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