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The Therapeutic Food Platform

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Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

What is the Therapeutic Food Platform? Why is it an imperative? What makes it vital? How has it been successful?

The Therapeutic Foods Platform is a collection of potent whole foods that provide the body with strong protective and regenerative nutrients. The five therapeutic foods products are imperative for daily existence, vitally needed by our bodies, and successful in application. Food, in fact, works naturally to heal and protect—it is essential for our survival, and yet we rarely think of its therapeutic imperativeness. In this Forward Thinking we will think through the need for food—therapeutically.

What makes the Therapeutic Foods Platform imperative?

Let me tell you our vacation story from Hawaii. We just returned this past Sunday.

We love Hawaii! My first trip there was in 1966. I spent three months on the island of Molokai as part of my Peace Corp’s training before I was sent off for two years into Micronesia as a public health official. Over the years, Dohrea and I have been back to Hawaii many time—we know and love the islands.

Dr. Laurie Steelsmith is an old friend and one of our dear customers. She is a great naturopathic doctor who truly walks the talk of good nutrition and dietary practices. I wanted to treat her and her office to lunch and had visions of bringing in a beautiful organic, mother-earth kind of fare. Dr. Steelsmith’s practice is located in the tourist filled Waikiki area of Honolulu—an area you would think you could easily find organic local fresh fruit and vegetables prepared in a healthy delicious way. But no such luck as I tried on my own to find local, fresh food. In desperation I called Laurie’s office to ask where they thought I could find some good food. Their answer was that as far as they knew there was nothing in the Waikiki area, and that I might try the Whole Foods in the Kahala neighborhood, one of the most upscale parts of Honolulu, near Diamond Head. It was 15 miles away.

So off I went to Whole Foods, and what I found there was really quite disheartening. Yes, I could find some organic produce; much like the Whole Foods near you I’m sure—organic fruit from Chile, Mexico, California, and even my home state of Washington. But amazingly nothing from Hawaii—NOT EVEN A COCONUT!!! Just another big box store with produce that is not local, shipped thousands of miles to a lush tropical local like Hawaii that should be growing all its own produce 24-7, 365 days a year. But as is true all over the world—plantations for pineapples and sugar cane have recklessly gobbled up thousands of acres of land in Hawaii. Leaving the people to pay high prices for imported pre-picked foods—our sad contribution to paradise.

Why are the Therapeutic Foods an imperative? Simply because our diets are devoid of nutrients we need to get from real whole organic high phyto-nutrient rich foods. Even if you manage to consume a powerful holistic diet, as I know Dr. Steelsmith does and teaches her patients how to do—we do not eat the local, nutrient packed, seasonal produce. The earth is not farmed wisely. The environment is toxic. We need the Therapeutic Foods to provide further punch to our diets. The platform provides the most needed foundational nutrients—for brain, liver, immune, detox, and digestive support.

The assault on our bodies is so strong with the high levels of pathogens, pollution, stress, and a stress filled life to boot. We need equally strong nutrition to enable our genetics to be fully functional and pathways functioning optimally to detoxify, defend, regenerate, and thrive.

Here is Dr. Steelsmith’s website. You’ll be impressed. I bought her book today—Natural Choices for Women’s Health: How the Secrets of Natural and Chinese Medicine can Create a Lifetime of Wellness. I’m very excited to read it.

What makes the Therapeutic Foods Platform Vital?

The Therapeutic Food Line is a new medical framework that is thousands of years old. The new framework is built with advanced technology that maintains the wholeness of food, while utilizing the exact science of molecular concentration to make food medicinal and therefore therapeutic.

The Therapeutic Foods formulas are created by employing objective biological and functional markers to ensure their effectiveness in fighting disease and restoring good health. Clinically, each therapeutic Foods product should be thought of as a daily foundational nutritional requirement. The medicinal therapeutic dosage has been scientifically proven and therefore is easy to calculate and administer.

We use three Technologies to create the Therapeutic Foods: Green Technology, Microbiome Technology and Patented Technology. In Green Technology we source is real time through worldwide communication networks. Produce is harvested at the height of phytonutrient production. We flash freeze on site to protect high actives and then our berries, fruit and veggies are dried via using sublimation technology (freeze drying). The products are toxin and pathogen free.

And, of course, manufacturing facilities are GMP compliant, HACCP compliant, Kosher certified, QAI Certified, Audited AIB International annually. Creating vitality in products takes time and patience—commodities we don’t have much of, yet are important to produce the kinds of foods that our bodies need.

We created BioImmersion Inc. and the Therapeutic Foods line in 2004 as a means of bringing the power of food more fully into the daily life of patients. The Therapeutic Foods are meant to compliment and enrich a good diet, let alone a bad one! The products are also designed to integrate into any medicinal modality or protocol. It is after all food.

The Therapeutic Foods Platform

The Therapeutic Foods Platform is the foundation of good nutrition. We recommend the five products to be taken on a regular basis to nourish the majority of our bodily systems.

Wild Blueberry Daily to protect the brain and nervous system. It is a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory reducing COX 2, Nf Kappa and isoprostane levels. Facilitates Phase I liver detox and inhibits 4 out of 5 stages of cancer growth.

Fructo Borate Complex protects and enhances the performance of the osteoskeletal system, the endocrine system and the antioxidant defense system. It is the anti-aging ingredients as it increases DHEA and other steroid hormones, including vitamin D-3. It is also used to reduce osteo-arthritis and osteoporosis.

Cruciferous Sprouts Complex stimulates phase II enzyme (P2P) production. In liver cells these are the proteins responsible for accomplishing phase II liver detox. In our own clinical trials we increase liver cell P2P output by 2.6 times after 20 days of dosing. In another trial, same time frame, we decrease lipid peroxides by 69% on average. HDL levels increase by consuming this product.

Organic Chlorella facilitates the detoxification of the GI tract from heavy metal and systemically cleans the blood, liver and other key elementary organs of the body. It is a complete whole food rich protein, fiber, healthy fatty acids and vitamins and mineral. It is the world’s rich source of chlorophyll. It is considered one of the most important foods in Asia.

Original Synbiotic Formula brings in strong probiotics and prebiotics to protect and support the healthy functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Mainstream medicine has finally “caught the bug” as to the revolutionary potential and power of probiotic supplementation for achieving health.

Click on How Microbes Defend and Define Us.

We have seven synbiotic formulas to choose from.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

We are getting tremendous feedback from you regarding how our Cranberry Pomegranate Synbiotic Formula helps with UTI. Here’s some supporting evidence: New Evidence on How Cranberry Juice Fights Bacteria That Cause Urinary Tract Infections.

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