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The Original Synbiotic and Atopic Disease

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What could be more important than giving our children a good start in life by protecting them from atopic disease.
Atopic disease begins with atopic eczema and then manifests as allergic rhinitis and later as asthma.

Probiotics have been shown to prevent atopic disease. This was the conclusion arrived to by Finish researchers led by Kalliomaki M et al, in their 2001 paper entitled, Probiotics in primary prevention of atopic disease: a randomised placebo-controlled trial. The Lancet, Vol 3576, Issue 9262, Pages 1076-1079. April 2001.

Using Lactobacillus, GG which is a particular strain the L. rhamnosus, they were able to show that the frequency of atopic eczema in the infants given probiotic was half that of the placebo group.

This groups of scientists then took their research one step further in their 2002.  This time led by Rautava S et al, they looked at, as their title suggests, whether Probiotics during pregnancy and breat-feeding might confer immunomodulatory protection against atopic disease in the infant.  Their results appeared in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Vol. 109, Issue 1, January 2002, Pages 119-121.

They found that administering probiotics to the pregnant and lactating mother increased the immunoprotective potential of breast milk, as assessed by the amount of anti-inflammatory transforming growth factor Beta 2 in the milk.

The results in the kids:  The risk of manifesting atopic disease was significantly reduced in comparison with that in infants whose mothers received placebo.

In summary, introducing the right good bugs (probiotics) can enhance Th1 type immunity thereby balancing the Th1 to Th2 ratios.  It can generate TFG beta which has an essential role in suppression of Th2 induced allergic inflammation.  It can enhance secretory IgA production which is an essential component of mucosal immune defence.

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Seann Bardell

Clinical Notes:

The Original Synbiotic Formula is a great broad spectrum synbiotic which contains L. rhamnosus, L. acidophilus, L. plantarum, S. thermophilus and B. longum.  The carrier for these good bugs is organic inulin.  Per teaspoon one delivers a 20 billion CFU count and 4 grams of inulin. Over the years we have had great success reports from doctors using this product with infants, and its clearing of eczema.  Many doctors who treat ADD and ADHD children use this formula. There is no dairy, soy, yeast, gluten or excipients of any kind associated with this product.

On Monday a doctor told me that she uses the Original Formula to make the best Greek Yogurt she has ever tasted.  She gave me her recipe and I am going to try it myself.  I’ll give you a report on my success or not next week.


The Last Quiz Answer:
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I was asked the other day for a list of the best organizations out there that are effectively confronting the forces that are destroying our global ecosystem.  Organizations that are leading the way to righting the wrong that we have done to our planet home. It got me to thinking what are my top ten organizations.  Over the next ten weeks I’ll offer up one each week in our Green Facts.  This week it’s The Natural Step from Sweden.  Check them out.


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