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The One Element Every Part of Your Body Needs During Detox? ATP

We have all experienced detox intentionally, or, as it often happens, without intention, for example, when too much alcohol is ingested and the body rebells and starts to detox. 

It takes a certain amount of energy in the body to rise up to the task of  a healthy detox. Indeed, we know how difficult it is to let go of toxic material, either physically or emotionally. As toxic materials are released, our body needs a certain amount of oomph to take care of normal functions, release and let go of toxins from cells - direct these toxins out of the body, and repair the damage that the toxins create on their way out. And of course, keep our emotional state steady, and have enough energy to perform regular routines - job, kids, partners. 

Energy is designed to boost up ATP levels naturally in the body, and it is one element we must have in each and every cell when we enact the detox mechanism. 

Adenosine-5’-triphosphate, or ATP, is known as a primary intracellular energy source in our body (Wilson et al., 2013). ATP and its metabolites are also involved in important functions in the body, such as cardiac function, blood flow, neurotransmission, and muscle contraction and strength, to name a few (Joy et al., 2015; Rathmacher et al., 2012; Jordan et al., 2004).

Energy is a mix of Plant-based ultra minerals and apple extracts. Since we do not have many of the minerals our soil used to have, we are generally depleted as it is, and doubly so when we need to detox.

The apple extract's phenols serve as anti-inflammatory agents, reducing inflammation markers in the blood. This clinical finding is important as  Energy can be used to enhance exercise and endurance performance and at the same time to reduce inflammation that is common when exercising, and more so when over-exercising (Joy et al., 2016; Swamy et al., 2011). And in our case, as we detox. 

Of course, Energy is excellent for every day as we do need minerals and ultra minerals to regulate our metabolic functions, internal antioxidant defense mechanism, bone formation, immune function and so much more (Pappas et al., 2017). 

Ready for a detox, or simply having more energy to counteract everyday stress? Read more about  Energy and learn how to use it in the protocols tab.


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