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The Next Generation Probiotic

Dear Friends,

The new product is here: LactORNs—the next generation in probiotics.

New research indicates friendly bacteria of unprocessed fermented foods retain their oligoribonucleotides (ORNs) which are then released when eaten, because of the saliva’s pH (Marshall, 2007). A chain of reactions then occures:

Immune cells, imbedded in oral tissues, respond to these ORNs by releasing stimulating cytokines that restore the powers of the immune network.

An alerted immune network successfully defends the host against chemical toxins, viruses and bacteria without side effects.

Either before or during stress conditions a daily dose of ORNs will maintain or restore the animal and human’s immune system compromised by stress.

At this point, the typical probiotics manufacturing process does not retain the bacterial ORNs, they are discarded with the supernatant. Most of you are familiar with our Supernatant Synbiotic product, and understand the protective value that our Bulgarian scientists placed upon retaining the supernatant metabolites.

In this new generation product, our focus is on the ORNs.

You will notice a new unit of measurement on the label:  The right dose of ORNs is determined not by the animal’s body weight but rather by the number of immune cells in its mouth.  Therefore, Colony Forming Units (CFUs) are not used to determine the dose of ORNs.  The dose is based on the number of Arbitrary Units (AU) of ORNs released in the mouth. Research has determined that the optimal amount of AUs is different for each species of animal one is feediing.  For example the AUs for cattle is 10, for pigs is 2, shrimp even have their own unique AU as do laboratory mice and rats.  For humans the AU is 30. (Marshall, 2007).

The development of ORNs starts with growing a selected strain of L. casei in a media that supports the retention of releasable ORNs.

When the ORN concentration is maximum, the culture is freeze-dried in a manner preserving the ORNs of the Lactobacillus casei.

The LactORN is a healthy addition to your existing probiotic supplementation. Think of it as your immune boosting tool. Across animal species, the LactORN has been shown to support immunes system competencies to prevent infections caused by viruses and bacteria. It also helps the body to protect itself from toxins (Marshall, 2007).

Marshall W. 2007. Oligoribonucleotides alert the immune system of animals to the imminence of microbial infections. US patent 7,189,834 B2

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

LactORN contains the probiotic Lactobacillus casei grown in a way to retain its natural oligoribonucleotides.  Plus it contains the prebiotic inulin derived from organic chicory root. Take one tsp 2 or 3 times a week for immune support.

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