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The Mother of all Runs

Dear Friends,

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

Are you a runner? What’s the farthest you’ve run? I have been running a couple of miles a day on weekdays and five miles on the weekends for the past 40 years. Never done a marathon—wanted to, but just never have taken the time for training. I’ve run twelve miles without much pain and suffering but twenty-six miles is a lot. A few years ago I talked with Dr. Mark Force, one of our good friends from Arizona, and found out that he was training for a 100-mile race he was going to do with his daughter, if my memory serves me right. One hundred miles!!!

Well, I’d like to tell you about the Mother Of All Runs.

Dr. Dennis Godby is forty-four days away from beginning his run, with his son and a nephew, across the United States—a run of three thousand two hundred and fifty miles. This run is a big deal. It is entitled: The 3,250 Mile Run Across The United States To Improve Health of Americans Through Natural Medicine. Go to his website and check this event out—The Run.Org.

Last week, Dennis shared with me how the purpose for his run has crystallizing and morphed into a more fundamental goal than he originally thought—to promote awareness of naturopathic medicine as a viable medical modality. Dennis pointed out that one-thirds of kids born in this century will develop diabetes. We have pointed out in our newsletters that this is the first generation of children who probably won’t live as long as their parent. You, of course, see it first hand with your patients—the increased obesity, the pandemic of chronic illnesses normally relegated to the old, now effecting people at a younger and younger age, filling your waiting rooms.

The cure as Dr. Godby sees it, has distilled down to, a lifestyle change. Everyone needs to get involved in changing the way we are eating, working, exercising, stressing and thinking. The run for him has become a run for change. We have all got to move and make something different happen in our world. We are running out of time. Dennis is taking this extreme action to create a crack in our present state of malaise, to create a sea-change of awareness, to infuse energy into a movement for change to make healthy lifestyle choices. Way to go Dennis!!! Let’s get behind him.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell


Clinical Note:

This past month of January 2011, we spent the whole month in our Forward Thinking introducing you to one of our new products that will be coming out towards the end of this month—the Energy Sustain Complex.

Dr. Godby is a regular reader of our newsletter and in our recent conversation expressed a desire to incorporate the Energy Sustain as part of his food regime on this prodigious run. We are delighted and excited to be able to foundationally support him with this product.

The reason we named it Energy Sustain Complex is because the formula has the ability to give an immediate energy boost and also a sustained energy as a balanced meal would do. You can read about this product in the Jan. 6th, Jan. 20th and Jan. 26th Forward Thinking Newsletters found on our Bioimmersion Home Page in the Archives within the Publishing Blog Tab as the link above directs you to.

The Last Quiz Answer:

By 2 months the young giraffe is eating leaves and at 6 months is fairly independent of its mother. A young giraffe can even survive early weaning at 2 or 3 months. Although few predators attack adult giraffes, lions, hyenas and leopards take their toll on the young. Scientists report that only a quarter of infants survive their first year of life.

The giraffe is non-territorial and social; it lives in loose, open herds with no specific leaders or coordination of movement. This structure reflects that a giraffe’s size makes a “safety in numbers” tactic unnecessary, and that the trees they feed on tend to be spaced apart.

As lousy as spring has been in the Northwest, I planted out first crop in our little condo plot as you can see. This weekend we are supposed to get our first day of warm weather, over 70 degrees, and the much needed sun. Here’s a link today from the Daily Green—How To Start An Organic Garden in Nine Easy Steps.

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