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The Many Ways We Love Fructo Borate

We consider Fructo Borate  - a beautiful Boron with an exact molecular structure that is found in fruits, vegetables, and nuts - to be foundational in many protocols. 

This unique boron is absorbed so easily since our receptor sites receive the entire molecule.

Food behaves powerfully in our body, to repair and regenerate, to deeply nourish. 

In research, Fructo Borate is known to be an intense anti-inflammatory agent, excellent for pain reduction and swelling in arthritis and osteoporosis, and important for bone health as it supports re-mineralizing bones. 

And there is more, Fructo Borate functions as an immune booster, great to take right when this weird - not feeling so good, chilled feeling of a cold/flu - is coming on. 

Fructo Borate also helps to circulate hormones in a harmonizing way, and serves as an anti-aging mineral. 

We have written much about the abilities of this incredible mineral, visit our News for more recent research and check out the research tab for foundational scientific work on boron and fructo borate

Yes, we do love Fructo Borate in so many ways and in so many protocols; and Fructo Borate loves us right back. 

Fructo Borate 



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We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

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 More on Boron and Health: 

Tepedelen, B. E., Korkmaz, M., Tatlisumak, E., Uluer, E. T., Ölmez, E., Değerli, İ., ... & Inan, S. (2017). A study on the anticarcinogenic effects of calcium fructoborate. Biological Trace Element Research, 178, 210-217. Article

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