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The Many Pharmacological Benefits of Brown Algae

We go on about the brown seaweed extracts in the Weight Less for blood sugar regulation and weight management, and yes, research is quite exciting (Vaughan et al., 2022)

But brown algae (plural) have great healing properties and in this new 2022 scientific paper by Remya et al. you will discover the bioactive properties for anti-inflammation, anti-parasitic, antimicrobial and much more!

The bioactive components and their mechanisms are discussed as well as the "pharmacological impacts" of different brown algae. 

Read or glance through - it is worth the time.  



Marine-derived natural products are rich source of secondary metabolites with huge potentials including novel therapeutic agents. Marine algae are considered to be a good source of secondary metabolites with versatile bioactivities. During the last few decades, researches related to natural products obtained from brown algae have remarkably escalated as they contain active compounds with varied biologically activities like antimicrobial, anticancer, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antidiabetic, and antiparasitic properties. The main bioactive components such as phlorotannin, fucoxanthin, alginic acid, fucoidan, and laminarin have been briefly discussed here, together with their composition and biological activities. In this review, the biological function of extracts and the metabolites of brown algae as well as their pharmacological impacts with the description of the possible mechanism of their action are described and discussed. Also, this study is expected to examine the multifunctional properties of brown algae that facilitate natural algal products, including the ability to integrate these functional properties in a variety of applications. Article

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  • Remya, R. R., Samrot, A. V., Kumar, S. S., Mohanavel, V., Karthick, A., Chinnaiyan, V. K., ... & Muhibbullah, M. (2022). Bioactive Potential of Brown Algae. Adsorption Science & Technology, 2022. Article

  • Vaughan, K., Ranawana, V., Cooper, D., & Aceves-Martins, M. (2022). Effect of brown seaweed on plasma glucose in healthy, at-risk, and type 2 diabetic individuals: systematic review and meta-analysis. Nutrition reviews80(5), 1194-1205. Article
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