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Tepedelen et al. (2017): Anti-carcinogenic Effects of Fructo Borate

Tempedelen et al. (2017) exciting research on breast cancer cell cultures and Fructo Borate. 


Evidences about the preventive and therapeutic effects of boron compounds on cancer have been increasing in the last years. Although calcium fructoborate (CaFB) is used as a nutritional supplement, data about its preventive and therapeutic effects on neoplastic transformations are limited. In the present study, the various concentrations of CaFB were applied to the MDA-MB-231 metastatic breast cancer cell line. First, we examined the cytotoxic effect and IC50 value of CaFB by MTT assay. For the evaluation of the DNA damage, apoptosis and metastatic potential, expression levels of ATM, pATM, PARP, p53, p-p53, caspase-3, caspase-9, and VEGF were investigated by using immunoblotting and immunohistochemical methods. Cell viability was significantly reduced at 50 μM CaFB treatment. pATM, p-p53, and caspase-9 levels increased significantly in all groups; furthermore, there was approximately 12.5-, 2.4-, and 10.7-fold increase, respectively, for 100 μM CaFB treatment. ATM and p53 levels did not change with CaFB treatment, but PARP levels significantly 2.5-fold decreased. While VEGF immunoreactivity decreased in all groups, significant increase in caspase-3 immunoreactivity was observed only in the group treated with 50 μM CaFB (p < 0,001). Our results imply that CaFB may have therapeutic potential as well as preventive benefits in cancer. Article

 Fructo Borate


Fructo Borate is a natural boron that duplicates the exact molecule of boron found in food, making it exceptionally easy to absorb and utilize in the body. Suggested use: 1-2 Fructo Borate daily.



  • Tepedelen, B. E., Korkmaz, M., Tatlisumak, E., Uluer, E. T., Ölmez, E., Değerli, İ., ... & İnan, S. (2017). A study on the anticarcinogenic effects of calcium fructoborate. Biological trace element research178(2), 210-217. Article


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