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Supernatant: Probiotics that Love to Work Together, For You.

We have written much about the power of Supernatant to fight infections, and how it was researched for years, and formulated specifically to combat hospital born infections, such as C. diff (Clostridioides difficile)

Let’s go over what we do -- and do not do - to bring you such a potent pre, pro, and post biotic like the Supernatant. 

Lets start with what we do not do: 

We do not "buy in bulk" different organisms in sealed bags as many manufacturing and distribution companies do and have them sit in a warehouse so we can mix them when we run out of certain formulas. Yes, it sounds efficient, however, it is also a fast way to lose potency and freshness. 

We also do not “shop around” for probiotics from the cheapest distribution companies. They also have materials sit on their warehouse floors. 

We do not purchase “ready-made mixes” that promise to “fix this or that” condition and have supposed “research” that is internal. That is exactly what drug companies do, and we know how often they shade results.

We also do not accept batches that have been made specifically for us but are somehow not testing well, in terms of quality. If the batch has lesser count or a certificate of analysis that shows some (minor) contaminations or allergens, we do not accept the batch and must start all over again. Other companies may simply get that batch and save 10% to 30% off. Some contaminations are not high enough to cause trouble, but we just don't accept anything but the best. 

How do we make the Supernatant?

We do GROW the probiotics, batch by batch, each time for each formula.

Sounds like a lot of work in our day and age when everything is bagged and ready to go, but to achieve the kind of synergy and potency, and to have the formula truly perform, we like to grow each batch. 

What does it mean to grow probiotics from beginning to end? The steps are actually quite simple. 

Choosing probiotics:  We have chosen, with the help of our scientists, probiotic strains that like to work together and achieve more of what they are meant to do -- as a community. Rather than work against each other, or separately, our chosen organism like to cooperate and work for specific tasks.

For example, the Supernatant is designed as an anti-microbial mix as each probiotic and its supernatant metabolites are focused on going after certain unwelcomed organisms (like C. diff) as well as the task of calming the gut.  

The 'growing' phase: Probiotics go through the fermentation process to grow and multiply. This means that feeding them the right foods and nutrients is important. Like all organisms, they have preferences for certain foods. We prefer non-dairy 'foods' for our probiotics. 

What is the Supernatant?  Once the probiotics are strong and ready, they are separated from the metabolite soup(the good stuff they excrete - we call it the Supernatant). They are freeze-dried separately and then mixed again for our BioImmersion formulas. Most often the metabolites are thrown away, and that is a waste (literally) as it has so many nutrients and it is a very effective immune booster. 

Lab Testing:  Throughout the process the microbes go through lab testing to ensure their optimal performance, and to check for allergens, pathogens etc. The final Certificate of Analysis (CofA) is analyzed to ensure the quality and potency is upheld.

Seann and I started BioImmersion with intent to create excellent products because we knew that when fresh, pure, alive, and potent materials are pulled together with knowledge and love (our key words for BioImmersion), much can be done to improve and support health.

Check out in the references the two articles that discuss how to grow probiotics and all about Supernatant.



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      We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

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