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Runner's High: The Intensity of Exercise and Endocannabinoids

We love feeling high after exercise; the amazing relaxed attitude we hold for a while about life and its various stressors, the elevated emotions, and oftentimes, less pain. 

Life feels better. All due to our internal mechanism that produces these chemicals, and hence the term, endocannabinoids. 

Endocannabinoids are high producing chemicals our body makes after "enduring" intense physical workout - in other words, acute aerobic exercise. 

There is, however, a delicate balance between an intense exercise and a longer endurance exercise that shows in research a decrease in these wonderful chemicals in the body (Siebers et al., 2022).

Why is this important?

How to best treat and handle stress, chronic diseases, and mental health issues have been at the center of research and discussions in the scientific and medical communities. Understanding how the body can internally produce the kind of chemicals that make us feel good, that lower anxiety, that elevate depression, relax the body, and more  - is important. 

Siebers et al. recent 2022 full on review of the literature is extensive and well done. research on how endocannabinoids are formed in the body, and what kind of exercise, the intensity and duration, when and how, all add up to let us know how to actually approach exercise and utilize its benefits, practically. 

Most of the research centers upon four characteristic of runner's high: reduced pain sensitivity, sedation, euphoria, and less anxiety (Siebers et al., 2022,Article). 

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The first research to discuss endocannabinoid:

Sparling, P. B., Giuffrida, A., Piomelli, D., Rosskopf, L., & Dietrich, A. (2003). Exercise activates the endocannabinoid system. Neuroreport, 14(17), 2209-2211. Article

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