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2021 Research: Red Beetroot and Chronic Diseases

Milton-Laskibar et al. (2021) review beneficial components of red beetroot and the effect on chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases. The team focuses on nitrates and betalains, the major bioactive agents in red beetroot. 

This is the reason we have added a healthy amount of high performing red beetroot to our Beta-Glucan


An increase in the prevalence of noncommunicable chronic diseases has been occurring in recent decades. Among the deaths resulting from these conditions, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) stand out as the main contributors. In this regard, dietary patterns featuring a high content of vegetables and fruits, such as the Mediterranean and the DASH diets, are considered beneficial, and thus have been extensively studied. This has resulted in growing interest in vegetable-derived ingredients and food-supplements that may have potential therapeutic properties. Among these supplements, beetroot juice, which is obtained from the root vegetable Beta vulgaris, has gained much attention. Although a significant part of the interest in beetroot juice is due to its nitrate (NO3) content, which has demonstrated bioactivity in the cardiovascular system, other ingredients with potential beneficial properties such as polyphenols, pigments and organic acids are also present. In this context, the aim of this review article is to analyze the current knowledge regarding the benefits related to the consumption of beetroot and derived food-supplements. Therefore, this article focuses on nitrate and betalains, which are considered to be the major bioactive compounds present in beetroot, and thus in the derived dietary supplements. View Full-Text


Beta Glucan Formula

Beta Glucan fibers and Red Beetroot can protect us from developing heart disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, leaky gut, as well as train our front line immune system, build stamina for better exercises, and much more. 

Suggested use: one heaping tablespoon daily in a large glass of water.


  • Aliahmadi, M., Amiri, F., Bahrami, L. S., Hosseini, A. F., Abiri, B., & Vafa, M. (2021). Effects of raw red beetroot consumption on metabolic markers and cognitive function in type 2 diabetes patients. Journal of Diabetes & Metabolic Disorders20(1), 673-682. Article
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  • Milton-Laskibar, I., Martínez, J. A., & Portillo, M. P. (2021). Current Knowledge on Beetroot Bioactive Compounds: Role of Nitrate and Betalains in Health and Disease. Foods, 10(6), 1314. Article

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        More on Red Beetroot:  Marshall, A. R., Rimmer, J. E., Shah, N., Bye, K., Kipps, C., Woods, D. R., ... & Barlow, M. (2021). Marching to the Beet: The effect of dietary nitrate supplementation on high altitude exercise performance and adaptation during a military trekking expedition. Nitric Oxide.





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