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Recent Science: Cranberry's Anti Cancer Compounds

 We will focus on Cranberries and their anti-cancer properties, although in the reference section I have added articles on pomegranate, and we'll look at those next time. 

Cranberries are evaluated for their phyto chemicals as anti-cancer agents, and are found to be exceptionally good for prostate cancer, and in this article, for other types of cancer. 

I thought that this time I'll show you the abstract of this excellent article, and I'd like you to pay particular attention within the article itself to the issue of bioavailability - and the central role of a healthy gut. This is one of the reasons we have added probiotics to the formula. 



Consumption of cranberry fruits or juice rich in polyphenols is associated with a wide range of potential health benefits. We and others have previously showed that cranberry juice concentrate and its phytochemicals, flavonols, anthocyanins and A-type proanthocyandins, may have potential to be chemopreventive agents. Although a number of cranberry constituents have been implicated in cancer prevention, our understanding about which metabolites are bio-available to reach target sites and thereby elicit cancer chemopreventive properties is still lacking. However, poor plasma bioavailability of cranberry constituents may be overcome by their potential interactions with gut microbiota by providing cancer prevention through induction of compositional and functional modifications of gut microbiota. Well-designed clinical trials evaluating metabolic and gut microbiome changes associated with cranberry consumption would provide useful information about the cancer patient’s response to dietary intervention with cranberry constituents. Article


 Cranberry Pomegranate Synbiotic  


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      My Research: Peace and a word on Metaphysics

      Globe_Home 3

      If you thought that metaphysics is the study that goes beyond Newtonian laws of physics, think again. We started this conversation with the premise that Freedom is not just a ‘local right’ (state or community laws) but a ‘universal law in itself’ which means, a law that is for all people, born of pure understanding of the fundamental nature of ‘being a human,’ and that means the study of metaphysics.

      How does that relate to metaphysics?

      The word Metaphysics was birthed by (possibly) one of Aristotle’s students who named his 14 books (on ‘first philosophy, first science, ‘wisdom’, and ‘theology’) ‘Ta meta ta phusik ’ – the after the physicals, or after the physical ones, or what now we call Aristotle’s Physics. The physical world is about nature or the natural world that is in a constant state of change. A great way of defining our natural world.

      Metaphysics is beyond this changeable world, it is about things that do not change, and Aristotle called them “being as such” and also “first causes” of things, which does not change.

      And this of course brings us right into Kant’s Laws of Freedom, as first causes, universal truths that do not change. A very necessary ingredient in the study of peace making. We’ll continue our walk on this path.

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