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The Health Benefit of Broccoli Sprouts

Broccoli sprouts and florets are examined and compared in this article for their polyphenols, Sulforaphanes, and fatty acids. In particular, the researchers focused on how broccoli and broccoli sprouts affect different types of cancer cells.

A worthy article to read during the weekend to catch up on all the goodness of broccoli sprouts (Paśko et. al, 2018).


The study compares lyophilized broccoli sprouts and florets in terms of their chemical composition, cytotoxic and proapoptotic potential against hepatocellular carcinoma HepG2, colorectal cancer SW480, and skin fibroblast BJ cells. Sinapic and isochlorogenic acids were predominant phenolics in the sprouts and florets, respectively. The amount of sulforaphane in the sprouts was significantly higher vs. florets. Oleic and linoleic acids dominated in the sprouts, while caproic, stearic and oleic acids in the florets. Broccoli sprouts were selectively cytotoxic on HepG2 and SW480 cells, with proapoptotic effect for the latter, while the florets were less selective, but more active, with profound proapoptotic effect for HepG2 cells (77.4%). Thus, lyophilized broccoli sprouts may be effectively used in dietary chemoprevention. Article

Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes  

Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes  

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  • Paśko, P., Tyszka-Czochara, M., Galanty, A., Gdula-Argasińska, J., Żmudzki, P., Bartoń, H., ... & Gorinstein, S. (2018). Comparative study of predominant phytochemical compounds and proapoptotic potential of broccoli sprouts and florets. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition73(2), 95-100. Article

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     And more on broccoli sprouts:

    Fahey, J. W., & Kensler, T. W. (2021). The Challenges of Designing and Implementing Clinical Trials With Broccoli Sprouts… and Turning Evidence Into Public Health Action. Frontiers in Nutrition8, 183.  Read the article:  Article



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