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Radical Medicine

Dear Friends,

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

We feel truly blessed to have you as our customers, and we thank you! We know very well the difficulty of the job at hand in getting people well today. I have the highest regard for you efforts to heal us, and for the great diversity of healing traditions that you represent.

There is great diversity of healing traditions represented in those who’ve become the Therapeutic Foods users, and readers of our Forward Thinking newsletters. There is much that we can learn from each other, and for this reason we are going to publish your comments, essays, editorials, protocols and announcements of seminars you may be teaching. Many of our clients put on seminars, teaching variety of medical methods.

In this email I am initiating this process. We can nurture each other.

Dr. Louisa Williams DC, ND is a great healer. She takes the most sensitive, environmentally challenged patients you can imagine and works with them successfully. I am pleased to announce Louisa’s up and coming seminar Sept 24th 2010 seminar. If you want to get a feel for what people think of her as a healer read the testimonials on her website—they are good! Here is The link.

Louisa’s book: Radical Medicine, published in 2007, is the first book that Dr. Williams has written, but not the first publication. In her career she has authored over twenty teaching manuals, as well as several research articles published in both English and German. She has also authored an Ebook, The Negative Side of Positive Thinking—

Louisa Williams- up and coming seminar: 2010 MRT Workshop in Beautiful Marin County! Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT) by Dr. Louisa Williams. Basic Course: September 24-26

Topics to be Covered in the Basic Course:

  • How to perform basic Matrix Reflex Testing: the reflex arm length test, the leg length and straight arm length measurements, the EMF assessment, and the hand chakra therapy localization.
  • How to recognize and treat acute nutritional deficiency (or excess) and the need for a long-term (yang) or short-term (yin) heel lift.
  • How to assess and clear abnormal patterns such as “oscillation” (~ switching) and uneven arm length presentations (~ blocked regulation or 6-channel adaptation patterns), which undermine accurate analysis (and can’t be detected by kinesiology or electroacupuncture methods).

How to diagnose:

  • Dental, tonsil and other focal infections
  • Scar interference fields
  • Mercury amalgam toxicity and dental galvanism
  • Petrochemical toxicity
  • Major food allergies
  • Dental malocclusions, TMD, and more…
  • Treatments include neural therapy without needles, isopathy, drainage (Plant Stem Cells), cell salts, nutritional supplementation, spinal and cranial manipulation, and more…
  • New Additions: The diagnosis and treatment of the sphenopalatine and inferior hypogastric (Frankenhäuser’s) ganglia will be taught.

MRT Logistics:


  • Friday Evening, Sept. 24, Registration 6:30 – 7 PM, Course – 7 to 10 PM
  • Saturday, Sept. 25 – 9 AM to 5:30 PM
  • Sunday, Sept. 26 – 9 AM to 2 PM (+ optional workshop period: 2 to 4 PM)


  • Best Western Corte Madera Inn, 56 Madera

Link to the Coming Event.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

Treatment for Diarrhea and Constipation

Just last week I had lunch with one of our doctors and they relayed to story.

One of their patients had moved to Uganda and adopted a three year old orphan boy who was found living on the streets of war-torn northern Uganda. The little boy had terrible dysbiosis as you can imagine—with diarrheal diseases being one of the leading cause of death in children in Africa and developing countries around the world. It comes down to poor sanitation. The lady had taken her arsenal of supplemental products including many of our Therapeutic Foods with her and gave to the little boy our Original Synbiotic Formula.

She told our doctor that the other day she found her little boy taking spoonfuls of the Original Formula directly into his mouth. She said that he had opened up the refrigerator, digging through all the other foods to get to the Original all the way in the back. He loved this product. The wisdom of babes!

The result is that he is beginning to thrive. He looks healthy. His skin and bowels look good and are functioning normally now, and the mother is convinced it is due in large part to the Original. We are very happy!

The Last Quiz Answer: Another amazing photo from the National Geographic 2009 Best Photo Collection.

Adding Chlorella to the diet enhances the good bacterial growth also!!!

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