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Post Antibiotic Probiotic Dosing

Dear Friends,

Beta Glucan Synbiotic:  perfect post antibiotic therapeutic food.

Oral antibiotics are very hard on our army of friendly lactic acid bacteria in our GI tract microbiome.  These friendly bacteria are killed alongside the pathogenic infection, and they must be replaced. The Beta Glucan High Potency Synbiotic is absolutely the perfect choice for this replenishing purpose. And here is why:

It is well understood that the use of antibiotics can strip the GI tract membranes of its probiotic coating of friendly bacteria, leaving this most important one cell layer thick membrane vulnerable to further assault by pathogens.  There is a small window of time where we must recolonize the membrane.

The newer Beta Glucan has a much higher count – it is indeed a potent probiotic. But more than that, it provides a critical component for the colonization- the best kind of fiber!

The fibers are oat bran fiber with its beta glucan fibers, inulin soluble fibers derived from organic chicory root and red beetroot fiber. The oat fiber has only 0.02% oat gluten, and has proven to be very successful with gluten sensitive people.

The beta glucan soluble fibers provide a fibrous home for the good bacteria within the mucous layer, facilitating their rapid reproduction and colonization of the GI tract membrane.

The small amount of inulin provides a favorite and a more readily available fiber-food for the bacteria and is readily consumed by them resulting in their rapid growth and production of the beneficial SCFA (short chain fatty acids) which help in the healing of the GI tracts tight junctions and much more.

The red beetroot provides both soluble and insoluble fiber and the most important flavonoid betalain which is a very powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory. It also supports liver function which is important after antibiotic therapy.

The good bacteria are L. acidophilus, L rhamnosus, L. plantarum, S. thermophilus and B. longum.  All wonderful and powerful pedigreed strains that support a healthy GI tract microbiome—See the Beta Glucan technical brief for a more thorough discussion of this wonderful product.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

After your course of antibiotics take one heaping tablespoon of the Beta Glucan High Potency Synbiotic for two weeks. This provides a probiotic count of around 100 billion CFU plus around 5 grams of fiber. It can be taken with a glass of water, or in a smoothie. Kids love the taste. Continue this level of dosing for two weeks, through the window of recolonization, tapering off to a teaspoon after that time.

As you know, because of the LDL cholesterol lowering effect with a two tablespoon daily dose of the beta Glucan, the American Heart Association has given their Healthy Heart Seal of Approval!  One more thing, if you take a tablespoon twice a day before your two largest meals it will slow down the absorption of carbohydrate into the blood stream.  This is great for glycemically challenged people. This is a multi tasking therapeutic food!

Green Facts

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“I would like to enter a dialogue with all people about our common home.”  So begins the encyclical delivered to the world last week from Pope Francis.
It was so beautiful.  He spared no words, and here you have the link to the whole talk in its title:  Revolution needed to combat climate change.

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