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Polyphenols and Heart Failure

What I love about Najjar & Feresin's (2021) study is the thoroughness of their research Article, and it is indeed an excellent review: In depth discussion on the role polyphenols play on heart health - and in fact, prevention and mitigation of heart failure.  

We talked about polyphenols and cancer a few days ago and specific polyphenols that protects against or go after cancer cells. Today, with this very recent 2021 review, I'd like to focus on polyphenols as a dietary choice, or simply said - eating more whole plant based foods and taking supplements with polyphenols. 

Najjar & Feresin discuss in length the role of oxidative stress and inflammation - which is the reason I have been focused on our High ORAC. An intense antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, two very important aspects of protection and mitigation of chronic diseases. 

As is usual with the articles I choose for our community - they are exciting topics for scientists, and as you read or even just glance through the article you can actually feel the joy of discovery. Wholeness in our approach of medicine has become very important in the scientific community. 

 Enjoy the Article.

Let's continue to celebrate polyphenols and their ability to protect and support our body with the focus on the High ORAC, with berries and probiotics, quercetin, resveratrol, and a very broad spectrum, powerful ORAC.   1-2 capsules a day. 

High ORAC 


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  • Najjar, R. S., & Feresin, R. G. (2021). Protective role of polyphenols in heart failure: molecular targets and cellular mechanisms underlying their therapeutic potential. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22(4), 1668. Article

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