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Polyphenols: An Elixir of Life

Polyphenols as elixir of life? That is quite a statement coming from two research scientists. But that is what you find in the hundreds of articles on polyphenols.

Meccariello & D’Angelo (2021) discuss in length what polyphenols are and the powerful effect they exert in the body.

 There are 8000 phenolic nutrients found only in the plant kingdom. These nutrients or phytochemical are within the various plant foods and extracts and make up the healthy elixir of life, anti aging and longevity.

Check out the Blueberries and Strawberries section in the article - these are two examples of berries with high levels of polyphenols.

Read on to discover our High ORAC Synbiotic: A total coverage of different polyphenols with their antioxidants that together form a high ORAC to regulate aging and longevity. 


Aging and, particularly, the onset of age-related diseases are associated with tissue dysfunction and macromolecular damage, some of which can be attributed to accumulation of oxidative damage. Recently, growing interest has emerged on the beneficial effects of plant-based diets for the prevention of chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Several studies collectively suggests that the intake of polyphenols and their major food sources may exert beneficial effects on improving insulin resistance and related diabetes risk factors, such as inflammation and oxidative stress. They are the most abundant antioxidants in the diet, and their intake has been associated with a reduced aging in humans. Polyphenolic intake has been shown to be effective at ameliorating several age-related phenotypes, including oxidative stress, inflammation, impaired proteostasis, and cellular senescence, both in vitro and in vivo. In this paper, effects of these phytochemicals (either pure forms or polyphenolic-food) are reviewed and summarized according to affected cellular signaling pathways. Finally, the effectiveness of the anti-aging preventive action of nutritional interventions based on diets rich in polyphenolic food, such as the diets of the Blue zones, are discussed.

High ORAC Synbiotic: Polyphenols and Probiotics

 High ORAC Synbiotic: Polyphenols and Probiotics


  • Wu, M., Luo, Q., Nie, R., Yang, X., Tang, Z., & Chen, H. (2021). Potential implications of polyphenols on aging considering oxidative stress, inflammation, autophagy, and gut microbiota. Critical reviews in food science and nutrition61(13), 2175-2193. Abstract

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     And more on anti aging and polyphenols:

    Quero, J., Mármol, I., Cerrada, E., & Rodríguez-Yoldi, M. J. (2020). Insight into the potential application of polyphenol-rich dietary intervention in degenerative disease management. Food & Function, 11(4), 2805-2825. Article


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