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Phyto Power: Vital Ingredients for Weight Loss

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Obesity is a worldwide health issue that causes serious chronic illnesses. We have witnessed the link between obesity and severe covid symptoms.

Being overweight by a little or a lot effects our mood and health negatively. We feel guilty eating and continually think about a plan we will start tomorrow. Your body has aches, blood pressure is higher, and there are a host of issues effecting you internally.

There is something you can actually start doing today that will set you on the path for your ideal weight and better health, even better mood.

Phyto Power is excellent for weight loss. With Rosehip ability to lower fat in the body and serving as the body’s defense against diabetes, Dandelion to act as a detoxifier, and Blueberries and Dandelion to act as hormone balancing in the body - the Phyto Power is perfect for a weight loss program. All together these powerful therapeutic plants create the right environment for blood sugar management, fat metabolism, and detox – all important elements for a healthy weight loss (Ahmad et al., 2020).


Rosehip is a powerful plant with many therapeutic benefits, such as relief for joint aches (Mahajan et al, 2020), supporting heart health (Skąpska et al., 2020), Kidney health (Noce et al., 2020), and so much more.

Historically, there are many clinical studies on Rose hip and weight loss (e.g., Andersson et al., 2011), preventing and lowering body weight. In 2016 Nagatomo et al. Conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. The rosehip group had a great decrease in abdominal total fat area, abdominal visceral fat area, body weight, and body mass index decreased significantly in the rosehip group at week 12 compared with their baseline levels (P<0.01) and compared with the control (placebo) group.

Dandelion has been used for detox and weight loss for centuries, it has many pro-health activities including repressing and treating obesity (Lis et al., 2019; Kour et al., 2020).

Berries in general are excellent treatment for obesity (Land et al, 2021). Blueberries’ powerful source of bioactive compounds have been used for the treatment of obesity and diabetes successfully (Shi et al., 2017). The clinical study of Basu et al. (2021) shows that blueberries and extra fiber helped to lower excess weight, lowers C – reactive proteins and blood glucose. 

Phyto Power combines the three winning weight lowering plants of Blueberries, Rosehip, and Dandelion. 2 capsules a day with your breakfast. Add Weight Less, 1 capsule taken 20 minutes before meal to slow down sugar absorption and increase fat metabolism.



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We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

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Mary Ann Lila is the Director of The Plants For Health Institute at North Carolina State University.  She is one of the seminal researchers in the use of blueberries, for human health.






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