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Phyto Power’s Hormetic Effects

Dear Friends,

There is no question that organic farming methods create produce with more potent bioactives.  Exaulted methods such as permaculture, biodynamic farming and eco-agriculture are at the top of the list when is come to horticultural and agricultural excellence.

Nature herself is the master farmer and when the geography is right she provides the mother load of nutrients.  Our wild crafted produce coming from Alaska provides a spectacular example.

Dinstel et al in their 2013 research entitled,  The antioxidant level of Alaska’s wild berries: high, higher and highest, which appeared in the International Journal of Circumpolar Health, observed that Alaska wild berries have extraordinarily high antioxidant levels.  They looked at blueberries, lingonberries, salmonberries and highbush cranberries.

Our Phyto Power is a powerful example of this phenomena of nature.  Each capsule contains 500mgs of blueberry (4 species), rosehip (three species) and dandelion (four species) all picked in the wilds of Alaska.  On analyses of their actives they are literally off the chart.  As much as ten times more potent than lower latitude produce.

Our goal with the Phyto Power is to give you a broad spectrum of the extremely important phytonutrient category of flavonoids in your diet; and in two capsule you are getting the equivalent of eating a small handful of wild blueberries, 6 of the rosehips with seeds and all, and a cup of dandelion salad with flowers and roots.  Just imagine the powerful effects that this can have on priming your metabolism if taken on a regular basis.  This is how the native Alaskan Indian peoples do it, taking just small amounts of these very powerful berries on a regular basis, and they are very robust, very health and live longing people.

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

Take two capsule of the Phyto Power daily.  You can feel the berries enlivening power in your body. The effect is hormetic.  Meaning they are hormone like- their messages for action are amplified even with small amounts taken in.  The flavonoids and other phytochemical within the Phyto Power’s ingredients initiates cascades of metabolic pathways within our bodies. Such words as toning the body and priming the metabolism depicts the power potential of even small amounts of these really power foods—they are good medicine.

Green Facts

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Permaculture and Biodynamic Farming are farming methods that bring nature back center stage as our head teacher on how to move forward in feeding the world.   One of the biggest and best Permaculture sites in the US is Bullock’s Homestead on Orcas Island.  And, one of the most established Biodynamic farms is on Lopez Island—both in my neighberhood of the San Juan Islands.

I’ve had a first hand privilege in my youth of working with the American Master farmer Alan Chadwick who brought Rudolph Steiner’s BioDyanamic Farming methods to the US.  His vegetable gardens were like jungles of vibrant life- truly magical.  There is a strong movement of young Americans going back to farming with nature —  Meet the greenhorns.

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