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Phyto Power & Fructo Borate: Arthritic Pain protocol

Arthritic pain effects the quality of life. Many daily functions that once were done automatically are impaired with pain. 

Because arthritis is marked by degeneration and inflammation, both immobility and pain need to be addressed.

We have learned in the last few weeks that osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is thought to be the result of pro-inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress and how Fructo Borate reduces inflammation and calms the pain (Henerix, 2020).

We have also discussed Phyto Power and its rosehips: the therapeutic effect on joints and arthritic pain. Rosehip with blueberries and dandelion, reduces inflammation, pain and helps cells to regenerate into a healthy form. 

Our suggestion: 1 capsule of Fructo Borate twice daily for 2-4 weeks or until inflammation and pain are reduced. For maintenance take  capsules a day. Add 1-2 capsules of Phyto Power in the morning. 

Fructo Borate  is a very exciting product: it naturally duplicates the molecular structure of boron as it is found of food—in nature, Boron is always bound to carbohydrate. 

In studies, one to two capsules of Fructo Borate have been shown to help prevent and slow down osteoporosis, reduce the inflammation in osteoarthritis, and selectively increase steroid hormones in the blood—testosterone, DHEA and Vitamin D3   level.

 Fructo Borate 



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