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The One Health Principle and Phyto Power's Alaskan Berries

What gives Phyto Power its strength and health building effect? 

Several species of Alaskan berries and Dandelion gathered in remote, wild areas of Alaska. 

A recent 2021 research by Lembo & Frye shows that wild berries from Alaska are effective in actually making people feel better.

Using the One Health principle for their research, Lembo and Frye compared wild Alaskan berries to berries from the rest of United States (as they call it, Lower-48 states). 

The results showed a dramatic positive effects on health and well-being, people from Alaska had higher rates of feeling better - body and mind- than the rest of the US (lower-48 states and the control group in this research). 

The research was duplicated again with humans and also initiated with lab rats who enjoyed blueberries from Alaska's wilderness. And again, the results showed that people and rats felt much better, significantly so, when eating the Alaskan berries. 

This is exactly the reason Seann and I have loved Phyto Power - the Alaskan berries are special. 

See the exciting findings in the abstract below and read about One Health in the Green Facts.

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Phyto Power 

Phyto Power


One Health is a principle that takes into account the interactions of humans, animals, the surrounding environment, and how they affect each other. In order to examine this concept in an experimental paradigm, the effects and benefits of wild Alaskan blueberries were compared to those from the continental United States (Lower-48 states) in human and animal studies. Blueberries have been hailed as a superfood for years now due to their high antioxidant levels and the positive effects they have on cardiovascular health and overall health and well-being. We hypothesize that although they are both beneficial, wild Alaskan blueberries have a greater positive effect on health and well-being than those from the lower 48. First, teachers and staff at the Anne Wien Elementary School in Fairbanks Alaska were provided with Alaskan and Lower-48 blueberries and asked to log the effects each coded sample had on their mental and physical health compared to a 5-day control period without blueberries. There was a significant stepwise positive effect of respondents reporting higher self-ratings of well-being overall. Alaskan blueberries significantly improved self-ratings of well-being compared to those from Lower-48 blueberries, albeit those blueberries did improve well-being compared to no blueberries. This experiment was replicated at a control site contemporaneously. The following year it was also replicated by participating teachers and staff at William S. Hackett Middle School in Albany, New York, as well as a control site. Further, lab rats, whose diets were supplemented with Alaskan blueberries, performed better in exploratory and cognitive tests than did rats whose diets were supplemented with Lower-48 blueberries (who, similar to the previous trials, performed better than rats whose diets had not been supplemented at all). These findings suggest that blueberries have an overall positive effect on self-rated wellness in people and cognitive performance in lab rats and that Alaskan blueberries have a particularly greater and more beneficial effect. Whether this is due to greater antioxidant effects associated with higher altitude or fewer endocrine-disrupting contaminants in Alaska compared to the Lower-48 States is unknown and subject to ongoing investigation.


The Photo Power has Four species of blueberries from the wilds of Alaska! It has a 'handful' of blueberries. We suggest 2 capsules a day.


  •  Lembo, V. F., & Frye, C. A. (2021). One Health and the Positive Effects of Alaskan Blueberries. In Antioxidants-Benefits, Sources, Mechanisms of Action. IntechOpen. Article

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