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Metainflammation: Metabolic Inflammation Causing Metabolic Disease

It is a rare treat when scientists that specialize in neurological science, clinical chemistry, cell biology, molecular genetics, and molecular anthropology, get together to write a thorough review on a specific topic, in this case, Metaflammation and inflammageing. (Franceschi et al., 2018).

Metaflammation is the metabolic inflammation that goes along metabolic diseases. This type of inflammation is developed from excess food intake and obesity.

As we have discussed previously, chronic and low grade inflammation has found to be the root cause of chronic diseases, and in this article, the focus on what happens in the body when we are overweight or obese. 

The gut microbiota plays an important role in contributing to the inflammatory response by releasing more inflammatory agents that increase the downward cycle of disease. 

What is beautiful about this article is the detailed description of what goes on in the body, and from different points of you - which is the treat of having such a diverse group of scientists from different fields. 

I highly recommend reading this Article - and as a treat, here's the abstract. 

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Ageing and age-related diseases share some basic mechanistic pillars that largely converge on inflammation. During ageing, chronic, sterile, low-grade inflammation — called inflammaging — develops, which contributes to the pathogenesis of age-related diseases. From an evolutionary perspective, a variety of stimuli sustain inflammaging, including pathogens (non-self), endogenous cell debris and misplaced molecules (self) and nutrients and gut microbiota (quasi-self). A limited number of receptors, whose degeneracy allows them to recognize many signals and to activate the innate immune responses, sense these stimuli. In this situation, metaflammation (the metabolic inflammation accompanying metabolic diseases) is thought to be the form of chronic inflammation that is driven by nutrient excess or overnutrition; metaflammation is characterized by the same mechanisms underpinning inflammaging. The gut microbiota has a central role in both metaflammation and inflammaging owing to its ability to release inflammatory products, contribute to circadian rhythms and crosstalk with other organs and systems. We argue that chronic diseases are not only the result of ageing and inflammaging; these diseases also accelerate the ageing process and can be considered a manifestation of accelerated ageing. Finally, we propose the use of new biomarkers (DNA methylation, glycomics, metabolomics and lipidomics) that are capable of assessing biological versus chronological age in metabolic diseases. Article


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  • Franceschi, C., Garagnani, P., Parini, P., Giuliani, C., & Santoro, A. (2018). Inflammaging: a new immune–metabolic viewpoint for age-related diseases. Nature Reviews Endocrinology14(10), 576-590. Article


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