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Martin Luther King, Jr. - Love, Unity, Light, and Justice

Dr. King is a unique leader that has both love and law in his heart. I am speaking of him still in the present since he is with us in spirit and his dream is alive. 

Whenever the world goes a little "darker" and I wonder when will a serious shift in human consciousness will occur I remember his words:

"darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." (King, Strength to Love, 1963).

So simple and elegant. 

I met Dr. King's writings at Antioch University. I was going to Antioch for a year and a half while I was finishing my degree in literature at the University of Washington. I needed some courses in social justice and globalism and Antioch had some professors I admired. 

One of the professors there worked at Martin Luther King's organization and she encouraged me to enter into International Relations for my PhD. I fell in love with Dr. King's writings - he has that amazing love and practical wisdom that is so rare in leaders. 

And so today we walk alongside Dr. King and ask ourselves, how can I create more unity and love in the community around me? 

All it takes in 1 degree shift. 


Yours as Always,



  • King Jr, M. L. (2019). Strength to love. Beacon Press.

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A Proclamation on Martin Luther King, Jr.

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