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Love Your Neighbor as Yourself: Maturing and Evolving Toward Peace


I have a deep commitment to honor and love all who have served their countries. Memorial Day is here to remind us of the men and women that sacrificed their lives for their countries.  

It is important to feel safe in our homeland, to be independent, to be free. We still live in a world that requires countries to have armies, ammunition, and technology. The cost, of course, is high. 

I have a deep commitment to peace. Continuous wars have been the hallmark of civilization. No matter how much we progress technologically, spiritually, in knowledge, in understanding - the reality is that human beings still fight one another, hate one another, and causes harm to one another - worldwide.

How is that possible? What is it that we are doing, feeling, thinking, and believing that still holds us hostage inside hate, and urges us to conquer one another? 

What do our leaders actually do to progress the mission of peace? Do they point the finger on to the "enemy" as the cause and do not examine their own actions? Do they have any long term plans to get to know these enemies? To find out if walking toward peace is possible? 

There are wars going on everywhere, some worse than others, and all destroy and traumatize. International organizations are useless and legally do not bind any nation and their leaders to any laws. Nations do what they want to do - or in other words - leaders do what they want to do, which means civilians suffer the consequences, and soldiers fight wars and if they come back, they suffer with deep physical or emotional wounds. 

"Walking Toward Peace: Veterans Healing on America's Trails" (Cindy Ross, 2021) is a book about the consequence of post-deployment, soldiers who now wrestle with PTSD, survivor's guilt, nightmares, depression, lack of trust, thoughts of suicide, and lack of purpose. Veterans share their stories of healing in nature,  "eco-therapy" - some go for short durations and others for months. 

I have many questions, and this is precisely what Mature Peace research institute is investigating - the road toward international peace, and the leaders who lead us. 

I wish you a blessed holiday. 

Yours as always,



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My Research: Peace - "I and Thou"

Globe_Home 3 This is a time for more conversations, for creating more awareness of what our beliefs are and how they influence the way we understand the world. Peace happens when we become conscious of our divisions: if you have a chance, pick up "I and Thou" - a beautiful booklet by the philosopher Buber. 

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