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Living in a Toxic World: A Necessary, Gentle Detox

How do we live and thrive in a toxic world?

Research has linked our toxic world to obesity, cancers, changes in the microbiome, and metabolic disease for several decades (Nading, 2020). 

Living in a Toxic World is an article by Alex M. Nading written for the Annual Review of Anthropology (2020). In fact, the conclusion is that our toxic world needs purifying and detoxifying. The world needs detox and we need to detox.

For our sake now, we need to learn how to support our detox mechanism, not to overwhelm our body with too much detox and at the same time do enough to allow the body to repair properly.

Today, I am reminding us all of our interview with  David Restrepo, RPH: How do we detox ourselves and our children? 

 David Restrepo

Our aim is not to only survive, but to thrive so we can add our voice and action to change our world.

Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes 


  • Nading, A. M. (2020). Living in a toxic world. Annual Review of Anthropology, 49, 209-224. Article



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More Research: Peace Building

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 Part of learning to detox the world is living in peace, learning to appreciate all people and all voices. 

Tune to the first global summit on Indigenous Peace building:

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