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Low Grade Inflammation and the Immune System

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Low Grade Inflammation and Immunosenescence are root causes for the weakening of your immune system.

Many Longevity studies clearly demonstrate that slowing, controlling or reversing Low Grade Inflammation (LGI) is an important way to prevent functional decline in most of the body systems and our immune system.  Immunosenescence is the gradual decline of the immune system. Over a long period of time, low grade inflammation or LGI hastens the process of decline. We are more and more unable to withstand infections or chronic deterioration of our health.

The good new is that LGI is highly influenced by the gut microbiota and by diet. 

The No. 7 Systemic Booster: the new longevity has been formulated according to longevity research findings to support the specific dietary interventions to control and reduce both LGI and Immunosenescence.  

Suggested Dose:  One tsp daily.



Your immune system is the most important protective physiological system in your body.  Most experimental data on aging and immune changes show a decline in most immune parameters when compared to young healthy subjects.  The bulk of these changes is termed immunosenesence.

Immunosenescence has been considered for some time as detrimental because it often leads to subclinical accumulation of pro-inflammatory factors and inflamm-aging.

Together, immunosenescence and inflamm-aging are suggested to stand at the origin of most of the diseases of the elderly, such as infections, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Recent cumulative data suggest that, without the existence of the immunosenescence/inflamm-aging duo (representing two sides of the same phenomenon), human longevity would be greatly enhanced.

Accordingly, attempts to intervene the aging immune system by targeting its rejuvenation system may work better by maintaining a general homeostasis and function - we do so by appropriately improving immune-inflammatory-functions.


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