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Indigenous Peoples Systemic Worldview

Dear Friends,

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

Teach your children what we have taught our children, that the earth is our mother. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. If men spit upon the ground, they spit upon themselves. This we know: the earth does not belong to man—man belongs to the earth. This we know. All things are connected like the blood that unites one family. All things are connected. (Chief Seattle 1854)

A human being is a part of a whole, called by us —universe — a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. (Albert Einstein 1949)

Bob Randall is a Yankunytjatjara elder.

I’d like you to meet Bob Randall, a Yankunytjatjara elder. This is a quote from an interview with him and a video of that interview—The Land Owns Us.

We live on the land as people of the land. To us it was a natural way of being. Being part of all that is, is just the way you was. You didn’t see anything different from you. It was a way of life that was inclusive of all life. If you are alive you are connected with everything else that is alive. We were raised with that teaching. We used to feel that the land owns us. The land grows all of us up. We must care with unconditional love for the land around us, our mother. It’s our responsibility. When your in nature your living with family and when you include everything that is alive in that space. How can you be lonely? (Bob Randall 2006)

Three fellow human beings from different times and different cultures offer us words of wisdom, a way of being a part the world that is healthy and whole—systemic view of life. Let’s take their words deeply into our hearts.

Dohrea and I have dreamed of people from all over the world to join together, and finally it is starting to happen. The movement for freedom and justice started in Iran then spread to the Middle East, the Arab Spring—Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and more. And now it has arrived to America—Occupy Wall Street—with the cry, it’s time for the 99% to stand up! From New York City it is has spread and is spreading to 100s of cities in America and 1000s of cities in the world—Tokyo, Sydney, London, Paris, Liverpool, Prague, Vancouver, Berlin, Buenes Aires, Johannesburg, Amsterdam, etc.

Everyone is weighing in with their lament for social justice. The world’s people want a change. Realize, we are not speaking so much about politics as a way of life that will bring wholeness to our planet. It is not about Democrats or Republicans, ideologies, or religious beliefs. It is simply about the way we have developed our world.

What do they/we want? We want social equity, environmental quality, economic sustainability.

How about you, are you taking action yet? Let’s take a look at some of the warriors who are doing the work to wake us all up, motivate us into the right/corrective action.

Reflection on our Earth from the amazing film, Planet Earth:

A bittersweet experience…The environmental debate today has never been more important. (Alastair Fothergill, Planet Earth Producer)

One in four mammals now are on the threatened list. One in three of all amphibians are on the threatened list. We know that progressively we are pushing more and more species to the edge of extinction. We have lost one-half of the world’s forests, one-half of the world’s wetlands, one-half of the world’s grasslands. We are eradicating many of the habitats that make up the world’s ecosystems. (James Peape, Director General WWF International)

The situation in the Asian region is extremely serious. Nearly all the natural rain forests are gone now from Thailand, and the Philippines and Indonesia are under a serious threat [of losing their natural resources] because of the consumption boom that is going on in China. (Tony Juniper Executive Director Friends of the Earth)

There are some basic life supporting services that nature supplies—fresh water, etc. If we continue to lose loads of species we are tearing the underlying fabric and that will have huge repercussions for the future of life on earth. (M.M. Sanjayan Lead Scientist, The Nature Conservancy)

Food Democracy Now weighs in, and provides us a way to add our voice—click on the link:

When Barack Obama ran for President he promised to end the “revolving door” between agribusiness lobbyists and government and to “regulate” factory farms. Unfortunately Obama’s decision to appoint Monsanto super lobbyist Michael Taylor as FDA Food Safety Czar broke the trust that the American people had placed in him during his campaign. Now Michael Taylor is heading up undercover investigations at the FDA into small raw milk dairy farmers that end in armed raids while the worst factory farm violators are getting away. It’s time for President Obama to stand up for real food safety and put an end to the assault against family farmers producing healthy food. Tell President Obama to DUMP Monsanto Michael Taylor! It’s time to protect family farmers and stop letting Big Ag lobbyists write the rules.

The Run—Dr. Dennis Godby,nephew Jonas Ely, and two sons Isaiah and Jeremiah are running from San Francisco to New York City to dramatize and publicize the urgent need for all Americans to take massive action and transform our nations health and spark a movement in Main Street America. Currently the team has run over 5,500 miles.

Dennis called me today, they were somewhere in Ohio. Dennis has fractured his foot, but the boys are still running, 30 miles a day! Dennis commented on how they are stopping at McDonald’s because that’s where you can meet Main Street America, and that also is where they can find a “hot spot” for their computers to catch up on emails. He shared with me the amazingly positive responses that they are getting and that the momentum and publicity of natural medicine is building. We chatted about the Occupy Wall Street phenomena now occurring around the world, and the many amazing individuals and organizations who are on the frontline of the battle to transform our present pathogenic paradigm. He mentioned Dr. Tabatha Parker, a class mate of his in naturopathic medical school who has founded the Natural Doctors International (NDI), which functions as a bridge between exported conventional medicine and centuries-old indigenous healing techniques, such as herbal medicine. Tabatha has been selected as one of 25 visionaries who are changing the world. See the Nov-Dec 2011 issue of UTNE Reader.

Our world is groaning! We need to change. We need to be a major part of that change. Are you getting involved?

Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

What is the human microbiome and its relevance to us?

The microbiome is the full collection of microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc) that naturally exist within the human body … Our adult bodies harbor 10 times more microbial cells than human cells. Their genomes (the microbiome) endows us with physiological capacities that we have not had to evolve on our own and thus are both a manifestation of who we are genetically and metabolically and a reflection of our state of well being. (NIH)

The National Institute of Health through their Human Microbiome Project is now recognizing that our human body is an amalgam of human cells and microbial cells, and that all must function in a healthy synergistic way for our maximum health to be achieved—definately a step in the direction of a systemic view of life. A view that we fully embrace through our collection of reference probiotic organisms we use in our Therapeutic Foods product line—see our American Collection of synbiotic formulas (Original Synbiotic Formula, Beta Glucan Synbiotic Formula, High ORAC Synbiotic Formula and the Triple Berry Probiotic Formula) and Bulgarian Collection of synbiotic formulas (Supernatant Synbiotic Formula, Cranberry Pomegranate Synbiotic Formula and No. 7 Systemic Booster).

The Last Quiz Answer:

Our gastrointestinal tract, home to 100 trillion microorganisms, ten times the cell count of our human cells which number at around 10 trillion. The microbiome with at least a two fold more gene power—its protein/enzyme producing ability. This is an actual photograph of our GI tract, where you can see the bacteria of different kinds. Notice the rod shaped organisms. They would be of the Lactobacillus genus. This picture comes from the new video: Microwarriors- The Power of Probiotics.

The Global Oneness Project presents: What Would It Look Like?This short film lifts the spirit into the magic land where our heart opens to all humanity. You can feel your soul sore just a bit. As one interviewee in this film reflects, What if humanity said, ‘Let’s walk left instead of right?’

Take a moment to get a breath of fresh air.

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