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Indigenous People's Day: All People, All Voices, All Connected

Immanuel Kant is one of the most complex philosopher of all times.

Kant is a genius that is hard at times to decipher. I know him well, he is at the center of my dissertation and has become an important voice in my life. I am passionate about this person because he is passionate about you

For Kant, you are precious beyond words, the jewel that shines, the voice that needs to be heard. You are unique and important (Groundworks, 1785). 

October 9th is Indigenous People's Day and so I thought to celebrate with you - YOU. 

Because you are important. 

We all get so busy at work, with family, friends, with issues, stress, and our ultimate complaint of no time. 

But maybe take just a moment to look around you? At yourself - at your work, with your co-workers, your clients, patients... With your family and friends, with so called strangers - and do so with appreciation.

That is the beginning of valuing what you do and being grateful for your unique voice and service to others. 

At the end of the day, we serve one another, help one another, and give ourselves to  others. And since our whole life revolves around "others" - we may as well enjoy ourselves and enjoy each other. 

Here at BioImmersion, on behalf of every person and every voice - we thank you and love you for being you.

Enjoy the day. 

Native Brazilian woman portrait at an indigenous tribe in the Amazon by Filipe Frazao:




Sincerely yours,


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