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Hormesis and the Secret to Anti Aging

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The hormetic mechanism of phyto-nutrients is an exciting area of research that has garnered much speed in the last two decades. Scientists now understand how small amounts of phytochemicals offer a hormetic mechanism: a stimulation of many pathways in our body that prevents, repairs, and reverses aging and disease (Lee et al., 2014; Davinelli et al., 2012).

Hormesis is a small dosage of a certain nutrient that “excites” a healthy response. For example, vitamins and minerals are hormetic essential nutrients. Phyto chemicals from plants like berries, fruits, vegetables and greens can be used as hormetic essential nutrients. Small quantities are shown in research to generate great results (Calabrese et al., 2020).

The adaptive response of cells and organisms to low dosages of phytochemicals stimulates a beneficial effect in the body (Mattson, 2008, 2008a). Calabrese et al. conducted many longevity and anti-aging studies on hormetic phytochemicals and vitagenes, a group of genes that are responsible for cellular homeostasis during times of stress. In particular, the effect of antioxidants such as polyphenols on neuro-generation (2012, 2011, 2009). The vitagene network of genes involved in the process of repair and maintenance is thought of as the longevity assurance processes: the efficient functioning of various maintenance and repair processes assuring our survival and health (Rattan, 1998; see also Cornelius et al., 2013; Calabrese et al., 2010; Rattan, 2010; 2004).

Santoro et al. (2020) find that stress can elicit responses that are beneficial or detrimental depending on the intensity and duration. The key element of adapting well is the nutrients we take to counter a longer and more intense stress. For example, phytonutrients such as tart cherries, beetroot, and pomegranate are shown in research to lower inflammation after intense exercise that can damage muscles (Bongiovanni et al., 2020).

A powerful combination for anti-aging and anti-inflammation is the No 7 and Phyto Power. 

Suggested dose:  1-2 capsules of Phyto Power and 1 teaspoon of No 7.


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