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Hormesis and Stem Cells: The Pathway to 'Feeling Good'

Hormesis has been studied in several biological fields, in particular, neuroscience, environmental science, aging and exercise, food science, and of course plant biology.

We used to correlate the study of Hormesis within the field of toxicology, but as you can see, the concept has grown as we realize how important our ability to adapt and regenerate is, and even, as many scientists believe now- evolve.  

In fact, the concept of Hormesis represents our ability to understand processes that lead to health and processes that lead to disease. 

What is exciting in this growing scientific field is the study of stem cells. We all know how important stem cells are for healing, remaining healthy, and longevity.

I am over simplifying a huge field of study, but for our purpose today, let's just say that experiments with nutritional supplements, such as resveratrol showed a hormetic effect in six different stem cells (Calabrese et al., 2023). 

Other agents have been used extensively for research such endogenous agents (e.g., epinephrine, estrogen, oxytocin etc.), pharmaceuticals, toxic substances, pollutants and other physical stressors - did not show across the board results. 

Take a look at the chart in this article, it is truly fascinating to see different agents affecting different types of stem cells. 

Knowing which agent helps our body is important. Which protocols help cell growth and cell proliferation? And can these cells do well within highly inflammatory conditions, being that we are living in an intense toxic world that creates ongoing inflammation? 

The beautify of this research is that the hormetic process can help us expand the 'pool of stem cells' and improve the ability of these precious cells to migrate efficiently, go after specific tissues (for healing and regeneration) and enhance resilience - and all this within the conditions inflammation causes in the body (Calabrese et al., 2023). 

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And more on hormesis and stem cells: 

Calabrese, E. J., & Calabrese, V. (2022). Enhancing health span: Muscle stem cells and hormesis. Biogerontology, 23(2), 151-167.

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