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Honoring Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives, Partners

On Mother's Day, I honor every woman.

We are, as women, united in the knowledge that our world needs us, and quite desperately. 

It is not a usual thing to ponder on the state of our world on Mother's Day. But as I thought about mothers and their great sacrifices - body, mind, and soul - everything is geared up toward raising a healthy and happy child, I realized that this holiday is a great reminder that something has to change. We need to evolve, grow, mature. 

Our world is filled with wars, hatred, divisions, poverty, oppressive regimes, and so much unhappiness. 

Our whole planet needs more women to take the helm of leadership; to  nurture, love, educate, lead, and yes, also dispense some tough love. Our world needs mothering. 

I must take a moment here and boast of my Goddaughter, Bahar, a daughter of an incredible woman, whom I consider my sister, my family, my oldest friend here in the US, a naturopathic doctor who created a beautiful life after coming here from Iran. 

I also must take a moment and boast of my amazing women friends who are so impressive, talented, loving, intelligent, and of course, capable of running the world... And whom I adore and consider it a privilege being their friend. 

On this mother's Day, consider all your women friends, and send them your love. 

And here is my Goddaughter, just finished her second year of law school, whom I consider a great light in a world that needs illumination.



Yours as always,



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My Research: Peace - "I and Thou"

Globe_Home 3I continue to remind you of Buber's "I and Thou" for Mother's day. Our world needs women to balance and bring equilibrium.  Peace happens when we become conscious of our divisions, of hatred, of wars that are always unnecessary, and our great need to evolve toward friendships, understanding, compassion, nurture, and love. 

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