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Happy Easter: Live Life with Love

Easter is a special holiday that offers contemplation of regeneration and love. 

I have always loved the magical with the scientific and the story of the crucifixion offers the gory details of history with the magic of rebirth, of deep love for the 'other', and giving oneself for the sake of the many. 

Believers or non-believers can rest in the knowledge that the love for every human being is at the center of this holiday.

And as you know me by now, anything and everything that involves love for humanity and the connectivity of us all - is celebrated and esteemed. 

It is also the reason I have chosen an image of a little girl that is meditating and praying in the sunlight, and in the middle of a beautiful field. She reminds me of my god-daughter who has just had a birthday a week ago, and the continuity of life, and importance of love. 

Happy Easter!


Yours as always,



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      My Research: Peace and Love 

      Globe_Home 3I like this article about faith, love and believing that life supports us:

      Parini, J. (2019). Easter isn’t about sacrifice, it’s about faith and love. CNN.

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