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Happy Easter: Celebrating Transcendence

Easter is a special holiday that reminds us of higher things in life, transcending our limitations, hate, anger, and separation from nature, people, and ourselves into love and gratitude.

Easter celebrates our ability to walk with the Divine. 

We often get so caught up in life's difficult and challenging times and forget there is something also very magical about our existence. We are a marvel of creation and live alongside and within a larger creation - our planet, the universe! 

Nature on our planet is awe-inspiring. Researchers from Tel-Aviv University found out that plants actually talk, they make clicking noises, especially when they are stressed, at high frequency so humans cannot hear them (Khait et al., 2023). Who are they talking with, who hears them, and who is talking back? 

How beautifully inter-connected we all are in this ever expanding universe. 

Walking with the Divine is one way of remembering the goodness and awe of life.  Even in the midst of suffering, and the Easter story illustrates suffering in detail, transcendence was happening as forgiveness and love was enacted toward the two men who were crucified with Jesus.  

In the midst of suffering love was given. 

This Easter, let us Walk with the Divine and Act like the Divine by forgiving, and giving, and loving.



Yours as always,



  • Khait, I., Lewin-Epstein, O., Sharon, R., Saban, K., Goldstein, R., Anikster, Y., ... & Hadany, L. (2023). Sounds emitted by plants under stress are airborne and informative. Cell, 186(7), 1328-1336.

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