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Happy 4th of July: Celebrate Independence and Pray for Others' Freedom

I write about freedom and the need to collectively grow into our peaceful human nature. 

Peaceful human nature? 

We are so used to Thomas Hobbes' assertion that "people living in a state of nature, without a common power over them to keep them in awe, are in a state of war of every person against every other." (Kavka, 1983: Hobbes, 1651)

And yet, I have come to understand from Hobbes that he believes in human kind, our ability to enact peace. 

Immanuel Kant believes that we have a Peace factor is in our genes. 

That is indeed the argument I made in the theory for world peace that I built: Human beings do have peace embedded in their DNA, they evolve into a full expression of peace as they mature. A seemingly simple argument, but of course, nothing is simple when it is Kantian and Normative, which is the nature of my peace theory. 

Theories have to be tested, and that is exactly what I am planning to do in the next few years through the research institute, Mature Peace.

I am truly excited, and this 4th of July Independence Day reminds me how important it is that we work together to first understand how we create this peace consciousness and then grow into the practice of peace. 




Yours as Always, 



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My Research: Peace

Globe_Home 3On women in leadership positions: Do improved women’s descriptive representation in legislative branches and women’s participation in civil society decrease the intensity of civil conflicts? Is the impact of women’s presence in legislative branches on the conflict intensity magnified by women’s participation in civil society, and vice versa? In this study, we aim to expand the constructivist argument that equal gender roles in politics and civil society can bring about less intensive internal armed conflicts. Relying on time-series cross-national data on 151 countries from 1960 to 2016, we demonstrate that the increases in women’s descriptive representation in parliaments and women’s participation in civil society tend to decrease the predicted civil conflict intensity. In addition, we demonstrate that the deterrent effect of women’s descriptive representation is magnified by women’s participation in civil society and vice versa. These findings remain consistent in alternative model specifications with additional women-related control variables. 

Woo, B. D., & Nam, H. (2024). Women and Peace Theory and Civil Conflict Intensity. SAGE Open, 14(2), 21582440241245315.

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