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Glucosinolates & Sulforaphanes: Immune Regulation and Anti-Inflammatory

Our Body is in a constant state of battling environmental hazards - toxins, chemicals, pollution, and at the same time, stress levels seem to climb up relentlessly. 

It all adds up. Chronic illnesses are climbing up, and spreading all over the world. 

We speak of Longevity and how to feel younger inside, how to have a biological clock that can go backwards. 

And yet, Longevity, as the scientific community emphasizes over and over again, is not about aging (per se) - It is, in fact, about getting at the root causes of chronic illness. 

So what is at the root causing all this trouble? Inflammation on a macro and micro levels, and not just inflammation - chronic inflammation, the kind you don't even feel but is there, in every tissue. 

Our innate immune system can only handle so much before dysregulation sets in, which brings on and perpetuates ongoing inflammation.

Sulforaphanes have been studied for their therapeutic power handling the root causes of chronic illnesses, and as inducer of phase II detoxification enzymes and a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, sulforaphanes have become an important part of the therapeutic tool kit.

Read the what and the how of Sulforaphanes and enjoy: Article


Each of our vegan capsule has 500 mg of organic broccoli sprouts, harvested at the peak of their phytonutrient power. 



  • Treasure, K., Harris, J., & Williamson, G. (2023). Exploring the anti‐inflammatory activity of sulforaphane. Immunology and Cell Biology, 101(9), 805-828. Article 

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We have developed our products based on scientific research and/or the practical experience of many healthcare practitioners. There is a growing body of literature on food based nutrition and supplements and their application in support of our health. Please use our products under the advisement of your doctor.

 Research and Our World: Peace 

Globe_Home 3

 What is the significance of naming a research institute on peace and leadership - Mature Peace.

I am starting to think through the questions/interviews of world leaders in different arenas. Very particular questions. 

I created a Kantian normative model for peace as a theory that is actually built for practice. We all realize that peace can indeed happen but we need to evolve into more enlightened communities - but how do we evolve is the question of the hour. How do we produce leaders that are evolved in themselves and not corrupt, a theme that is thrown about by every political party in every nation around the world. The "Other" is always corrupt while "We" are evolved. How do we build the bridge - what 'materials' do we need to build the bridge with? 

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