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When You Eat Red Meat: Add Garlic

High blood levels of the toxin TMAO (or trimethylanine N-oxide) present a four-fold greater risk of dying from heart disease (Senthong) et al., 2016). 

TMAO and the precursor TMA are found in fish and dairy but in the Western diet the source is found in red meat's L-carnitine and choline. In the gut, bacteria converts these two molecules into TMA which is then converted in the liver to TMAO (Wang et al., 2011; Thomas et al., 2021). 

Garlic's allicin blocks TMA production in the gut and hence lowering the production and concentration of TMAo in the blood.

And yet, as Barabási and his team points out, that health effect of garlic's allicin with red meat is part of the 'dark matter' of nutrition and has found its way to the USDA formal nutritional database (2020). 

Garlic: Broad Antimicrobial Support 

Garlic: Broad Antimicrobial Support 

"Indeed, garlic carries vitamins B1, B6, and C, and the minerals manganese, copper, selenium, and calcium - nutrients whose deficiency or excess have been linked to disease phenotypes like T2DM, Parkinson’s disease and cardiomyopathies. These links confirm the important role the currently tracked nutrients play in health  (see SI4). At the same time, the CTD reveals that 485 of the currently unquantified chemicals in garlic can also be linked to multiple therapeutic effects, like the protective action of allicin in cardiovascular diseases." (Barabási et al., 2020)

Our Suggestion: one capsule of garlic when eating red meat. 


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 And more on heart disease and TMAO:

Senthong, V., Wang, Z., Li, X. S., Fan, Y., Wu, Y., Wilson Tang, W. H., & Hazen, S. L. (2016). Intestinal microbiota‐generated metabolite trimethylamine‐N‐oxide and 5‐year mortality risk in stable coronary artery disease: the contributory role of intestinal microbiota in a COURAGE‐like patient cohort. Journal of the American Heart Association5(6), e002816. Article

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