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Garlic, a World Travelers Best Friend

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Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

Well, my good friends, we’re about a week from it being officially summer and we are still officially waiting for a real nice sunny day here in Seattle! In the spirit of positive thinking and knowing that it will happen and that we will all be outside enjoying the sun, I am going to liven up my summer’s Forward Thinking Newsletters to talk about fun, summery topics. Today we will focus on travel and one product to take with you! Which product will that be? Guess! Make sure you go all the way to Green Facts at the bottom to hear and see the incredible: Le Monde pour la Paix – by JeConte & The Mali Allstars – The featured track off the coming 2012 release ‘Mali Blues for Peace’ or ‘Mali Blues pour la Paix.’

Today, Saturday, as I was driving around, I listened to Rick Steve’s show on travel tips. You know Rick I am sure, his shows are usually about European travel. Well, today’s show was about travels in Asia. For those of us who love to travel to foreign cultures it was very encouraging information . Do you know where the hot places (I mean hot in a good way) are to go now in Asia? Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma is now finally opening up. All of them sounded very safe to travel in, and his guest host particularly loved Vietnam, as he said it is a magical place. Check out his Saturday June 9th show.

So I have a question for you. If you had just one supplemental health type product that you can take with you on your travels into foreign countries, such as Asia and Africa, what would it be?

Mine without a question would be garlic. Why garlic? And, what kind of garlic?

Wouldn’t you agree that some form of intestinal distress is the malady one most likely might encounter—traveler’s diarrhea, parasites, flues, protozoa, bad bacteria ,etc?

Garlic is such a wonderful broad spectrum killer of such bugs. In fact, its very origin of use as a therapeutic food comes from the Asian/African region, recorded as far back as our written medical history goes. Garlic has been used by more cultures over the millennia for medical purposes than any other herb!

The ancient Pharaohs dating back to 3,200 BC used garlic medically. The Egyptian Ebers, the oldest preserved medial document dating back to 1552 B.C., mentions 22 different medical formulations that included garlic. The therapies covered by garlic were intestinal disease, circulatory disorders, malaise, insect and parasite infestations just to mention a relevant few.

Garlic also has a long history associated with giving one strength (we certainly need our strength when traveling or for day to day activities). The Egyptian pyramid builders used garlic to give themselves strength. The Greeks used garlic to bring strength to their athletes at the Olympic games. The Romans used garlic for strength building and endurance for the long marches and battles.

Hippocrates, the father of western medicine, used garlic to treat abdominal conditions. The amazing medical mystic German nun, St. Hildegard of Bingen, used raw garlic to heal the sick. Albert Schweizer used garlic in Africa to cure typhoid fever and cholera. It was called the Russian penicillin in WWI. Is there really any question as to why not make garlic the protective agent of choice for one’s Asian/African trip?

For the what kind of garlic, see Clinical Notes below.
Sincerely yours,

Seann Bardell

Clinical Note:

Here’s the short version, for your travels and day to day useage, especially when going out to eat: One bottle of the Therapeutic Foods Garlic, Organic Freeze Dried, has 90 capsules. When you travel: Take two capsules a day with your biggest meal or one capsule with each of your two largest meals. When you are at home, take it when you go out to eat, or at night with dinner every so often, to keep your strenght and clean up the GI milieu, purify the blood and more. The buffering power of the food in the stomach will maximize the delivery of freshly created allicin from the dissolving garlic powder filled vegetarian capsule. Allicin kills salmonella (number one food poisoning organism), E. coli (one of the common bacteria that causes Travelers’ diarrhea), Candida (invasive yeast), Cryptosporidium (common infectious protozoa/nasty diarrhea), and many more. And, the coup de grâce–unlike antibiotics, garlic doesn’t harm the good gut probiotic bacteria.

For a more thorough version, rather than duplicating what I have already crafted for you in previous newsletters, I am linking you to those essays here: May 20th, May 26st – and June 2nd, 2010. They give a full discussion the features and benefits of our organic freeze dried garlic–comparing it to other forms of supplemental garlic in the market, discussing the various actives in garlic, going over appropriate dosing amounts and strategies. These articles will arm you with the real scientific facts about garlics usage in medicine.
The Last Quiz Answer:

This beautiful creature is a giant fruit bat. Bats in general are amongst the most diverse of mammal species. They are the only mammals to achieve true flight. The giant varieties live up to 15 to 20 years. The Golden-crowned fruit bat (also called the flying fox) weighs up to 2 1/2 pounds and has a wingspan of 6 feet. They have eyes just like humans and can see in the dark. Also like dolphins and whales bats produce pulses of high-pitched sound and navigate by listening for echoes. The wings of the bat are more like a human hand than a bird’s wing. They have four elongated fingers and a thumb with webbing inbetween. Isn’t that fascinating. Live is amazing!

Not many of us think of traveling to Mali or even dare go to today as it is a country in west Africa falling into strife. However, not so for American blues musician Joe Conte from San Francisco. Mali is known for it amazing musicians and Conte has gone to Mali, formed a band with some of the most well-known of Mali musicians, and created blues-African fusion music for peace. They sing, “for all our ancestors to come together for peace…for a better world…for hope in Mali.” Have a listen, it’s very very good: The World for Peace.

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