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Fructo Borate: Significant Reduction in Inflammatory Markers

A sugar-borate ester, or a fructo-borate, is one of the most studied forms of boron because it is in the nutrient form (molecule) the body loves most. This easily absorbed form of boron is found in fruits and vegetables, certain nuts, and legumes.  Boron in foods is called soluble boron, easily used by your body to calm down inflammation and lower inflammatory markers like C-reactive protein. Hence fructo-borate is an excellent supplement for heart health. 

And this form of Boron does so much more:  fructo-borate has shown in numerous research studies to lower pain levels in the joints, to supports lung function, to cut colds and flu before they start, and to balance hormonal levels. Boron is called the master mineral for a good reason, and this Fructo Borate form is the exact molecule that truly mirrors boron in nature.


Calcium fructoborate (CF), a natural sugar-borate ester found in fresh fruits and vegetables, is a source of soluble boron. CF contains three forms of borate (diester, monoester, and boric acid) and all are biologically active, both at the intracellular (as free boric acid) and extracellular level (as fructose-borate diester and monoester). At the cellular and molecular level, CF is superior to the boric acid/borate, exhibiting a complex “protective” effect against inflammatory response. CF is a “nature-identical” complex, an active compound for dietary supplements. It provides effective and safe support against the discomfort and lack of flexibility associated with osteoarticular conditions (arthritis and joint degeneration), and improves Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis (WOMAC) and McGill indexes. In addition, orally administered CF is effective in ameliorating symptoms of physiological response to stress, including inflammation of the mucous membranes, discomfort associated with osteoarthritis disorders, and bone loss, and also for supporting cardiovascular health. Clinical studies have exhibited the ability of CF to significantly modulate molecular markers associated with inflammatory mechanisms, mainly on the elevated serum levels of C-reactive protein (CRP).

Fructo Borate  is a very exciting product: it naturally duplicates the molecular structure of boron as it is found of food—in nature, Boron is always bound to carbohydrate.

 Fructo Borate 

 In studies, one to two capsules of Fructo Borate have been shown to help prevent and slow down osteoporosis, reduce the inflammation in osteoarthritis, and selectively increase steroid hormones in the blood—testosterone, DHEA and Vitamin D3   level.


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