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Fructo Borate: A Master Mineral

In research, fructo-boron is found to significantly lower pain level in the joints, to support lung function, to increase immunity (against colds/flu), and balances hormonal levels (Hendrix, 2020). 

Boron is called the master mineral for a good reason, and this Fructo Borate form of Boron is the exact molecule that truly mirrors boron in nature. 

How does it compare to other boron formulas?


Boron in the market pace is typically as a form of boron citrate, aspartame and glycinate chelates. These types of boron have noticeably undesirable side effects as anti-inflammatory agents. First, these forms either contain or are readily hydrolyzed in the gut to boric acid. Boric acid is reactive, and tends to accumulate in tissues other than bone or joint. Second, the amount of boron made available by these typical supplements is extremely high compared with normal blood values, almost 3mg of elemental boron available to the tissues within a half hour after ingestion, 14 times the normal total blood boron of 213 ug (Hunt et al., 1996). Third, while there is a mechanism which limits boron absorption from foods when boron intake is high (Hunt et al., 1996), that mechanism likely does not act to prevent the almost immediate availability of boron from currently known supplements. Fructo borate provides methods and compositions in which boron compounds/complexes having a central tetrahedral boron atom, covalently bound to four ligands (of either identical or different nature), are utilized to provide anti-inflammatory effects. Such as reduction of inflammation of knees, fingers, and other joints and even reduction of inflammation in the skin from insect bites and other localized traumas to the skin, including reduction of scar tissue and improved wound healing (Miljkovic, 2004).

 Fructo Borate 

Fructo Borate naturally duplicates the molecular structure of boron as it is found of food—in nature, Boron is always bound to carbohydrate. In studies, 1-2 capsules of Fructo Borate have been shown to help prevent and slow down osteoporosis, reduce the inflammation in osteoarthritis, and selectively increase steroid hormones in the blood—testosterone, DHEA and Vitamin D3   level.


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