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We designed the Therapeutic Food Supplements to provide an efficient and efficacious way to bring powerful, pure and intelligent foods into our daily diet. Foods as medicine have been known for centuries as the smart way to protect our bodies from disease. Take a look at Clinical Notes for a great combo.

Dr. William Li in his May 2011 Angiogenesis Foundation talk began his presentation by stating, There is a medical revolution that is happening all around us and it is one that is going to allow us to conquer some of societies most dreaded diseases including cancer.

He goes on in his talk to present the angiogenesis concept which describes the growth of blood vessels within the body, and the importance of keeping this growth in balance.  Dr. Li states that angiogenesis is the hallmark of cancer- every type of cancer.

Controlling blood vessel growth to cancer cells can stop their growth and the development of cancer..  The bottom line there is a wide diversity of foods that can help with this process, foods that Americans don’t eat enough of—fruits and vegetable.

The Therapeutic Food Supplements help us to expand the diversity of nutritious foods. We suggest utilizing the diviersity of their nutrients by alternating what you take, and switching between different probiotics. There are many combinations of the Therapeutic Foods Supplements that give us variety of phyto nutrients our body needs.

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Clinical Notes:
Therapeutic Foods-4 4

The No. 7 Systemic Booster contains:  Organic pomegranate extract and whole, organic cranberry extract and whole, organic tart cherry whole, and organic pineapple whole plus a number of important nutrients including 5 pedigreed strains of probiotics.  There are no excipients.
The Phyto Power contains: wildcrafted rosehip 3 species, wildcrafted blueberry 4 species, and wildcrafted dandelion 4 species.  No excipients.
The Cruciferous Sprouts contains:  Broccoli, daikon radish, red radish, watercress, kale, mustard, cabbage- all sprouts.  No excipients.
The Organic Chlorella contains organic chlorella- two species C. vulgaris and C. regularis. No excipients.



The Last Quiz Answer:

The beautiful creature is an animal.  Even though they look like plants, and come in many vivid colors the sea anemone is a meat-eating animal.  It attaches itself to coral or rocks, waiting for a small fish to swim by, stings it with its tentacles, and then pushes the paralyzed fish into its mouth.




Half a Million Ask EPA to Reject Expanded Agricultural Use of Toxic Pesticide 2,4-D.

Over half a million people have submitted comments to the EPA asking the agency to reject Dow Chemical’s plan to see Enlist Duo herbicide for use on corn and soybeens genentically engineered to withstand 2,4-D.  The USDA has previously warned that approval of the herbicide and it corresponding GE (genetically engineered) crops would lead to a three to seven fold increase in agricultural use of 2,4-D, a toxic herbicide linked to Parkinson’s disease, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and other health harms. (Center for Food Safety Press Release July 1st, 2014)

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