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ENERGY: improves your athletic performance

Dear Doctor

The proprietary mix of plant minerals and apple extract in our new product ENERGY was used in a double blind research by Joy et al. (2016). The research demonstrated that the mix increases energy and enhances performance during exercise. The mix also helped relax sore muscles from over exercising. We suggest one capsule a day or when you need extra energy.


The Research

Twenty-five healthy, resistance-trained, male subjects completed this double-blind study.  All subjects were prohibited from using any supplements not provided in the study except for a multivitamin or protein powder food substitute, which they were not permitted to use within 2 hours before or after resistance training sessions.

Each subject was required to be capable of lifting 1.5 times their bodyweight in the squat and deadlift and 1 times bodyweight in the bench press.  At baseline, the placebo group (PLA) was able to squat 1.71, bench press 1.45, and dead lift 2.17 times their bodyweight; and the treatment (TRT) was able to squat 1.66, bench press 1.31, and deadlift 1.93 times their bodyweight.

Subjects were randomly assigned to either the PLA or TRT groups.  The TRT got 1 serving of 150mg of the proprietary blend of Energy, which is one capsule. And, the PLA group got the placebo.  The single capsule dose was given 45 minute prior to training on training days or at a similar time of day on rest days.

The resistance training program, weeks 1-8, consisted of one muscle hypertrophy-oriented workout, one power-oriented workout, and one strength-oriented workout featuring cycle ergometer Wingates following strength training.

The back squat, bench press, and deadlift exercises were performed on each day along with several other multi- and single-joint exercises.  Participants rested 48-72 hours between each training day.  During the overreach phase (weeks 9 and 10), participants performed high volume workouts on Monday through Thursday with a strength-oriented workout or performance testing conducted on Friday for weeks 9 and 10, respectively.

The taper phase (weeks 11 and 12) consisted of one power day on Mondays then strength and power days on both Wednesdays and Fridays performed at low volume for back squat, bench press, and deadlift only.

The Results

Energy appeared to beneficially augment strength and power adaptations to resistance training and attenuate power loss during overreaching (over exercising).  Squat and deadlift IRM both increased to a greater degree in TRT than in PLA,  Peak power in the vertical jump seemed to increase as a result of training and supplementation, and vertical jump peak power and peak velocity did not decline following overreaching.  Strength endurance was preserved during overreaching in TRT compared to PLA. The proprietary blend of ancient peat and apple extracts may be better suited to resist performance decrements, as a decline in performance was only observed in the PLA group in the present study


Joy, J. M., Vogel, R. M., Moon, J. R., Falcone, P. H., Mosman, M. M., Pietrzkowski, Z., … & Kim, M. P. (2016). Ancient peat and apple extracts supplementation may improve strength and power adaptations in resistance trained men. BMC complementary and alternative medicine, 16(1), 224.

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Green Facts:

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Dr. Dohrea Bardell’s new book, Living Well – Dying Well (2018, chapter 8), has plenty of advice on increasing energy and stamina. The foundation is a whole food, plant-based diet that keeps our bodies protected and energized.

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