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Ecological Principles applied to the GI Tract

Can you name this Beautiful Creature?

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The marriage of concepts derived from ecology and new technologies in microbial sequencing and metagenomic analysis are lifting the veil on the metabolic mysteries that lie within the ecosystem we call the human gastrointestinal microbiome.

The included peer-reviewed papers will bring you up-to-date on key concepts and terminologies that will help you to make better decisions regarding your choices for probiotic supplementation:

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Clinical Note:


It certainly is the flu and cold season and a very good Therapeutic Foods drink is to take two capsules of the garlic and pour their powder into a small glass of water.  Remember each capsule contains the equivalent to 4 to 5 cloves of freeze dried whole garlic.  When you dissolve the powder in water you’re forming, in that instant, its powerful antimicrobial agent—allicin.  Then add a heaping teaspoon of the Original Synbiotic Formula to the mix and stir.  It tastes good and it powerfully treats your whole GI tract from top to bottom.

The Last Quiz Answer:

Emperor penguins are the largest of penguin species, reaching a height of four feet tall.  Have you ever wondered how they can survive the -76 degree cold winter nights in Antarctica?  I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of large huddling flocks of penguins.  Well, those on the inside of the huddle are toasty.  Not so for the peripheral regions of the group—it is very very cold out there!  This is why the birds all rotate their positions, so that they are share in the pain and the delight—and survival.

Last week I told you about Eco Literate, a very exciting book from The Center for Ecoliteracy, that just came out.  This week I’ll share with you another book just published that I think has much extremely important practical information for maximizing the functionality of our brains—Make Your Brain Smarter.  Interested?  Here’s a podcast interview with the author herself—Sandra Bond Chapman PhD on her book.

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